Remote Party Ideas to Help You Hang Out Wherever You Are

In recent years the popularity of meeting platforms like Zoom, and integrated video call features like Apple’s FaceTime, have surged in the face of cheaper data costs and more compatible hardware up to the task. This has helped create all new ways for people to connect and share with one another, even when they’re physically at great distances from one another.

In 2023, this is more common than ever. In 2022, millions of people travelled across the world for reasons of travel, work or study. The only downside to this is that you can’t always take your nearest and dearest with you. 

Fortunately, people have found a host of novel means by which these technologies can be put to good use to help people hang out and even celebrate together, regardless of the time zones they happen to find themselves in. Below are some of our top tips and picks for ideas on how to spend some quality time together with friends and family, remotely.

Go Toe to Toe

When people get together, games are seldom far away. That’s because games can inject fun, play and some harmless competition into a group dynamic. If you’re wanting to spice up a routine zoom chat with your mates, you could consider playing any number of online games that are perfectly set up to facilitate this.

Now, not all groups will want to play the same type of game. For example, if you’re checking in with some friends who you’ve historically played console games like Call of Duty with, then what better way to make the most of your online hang than firing up the Xbox and jumping into an online match as a party?

Understandably, this will not be to everyone’s pace, or taste. In light of that, you can opt to explore any number of more traditional titles that’ve made the jump into digital form, such as poker. There are a host of reputable platforms such as PokerStars that’ve distinguished themselves by building robust party tools to help your crew to compete with one another in this enduring classic card game, and even enter mini-tournaments on the fly right from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Cooking Party

Nothing brings people together like food, and it is for this reason that the kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. Now naturally, if you’re thousands of miles from one another, you’re not going to be able to enjoy the same home cooked meal or take-away, but there are options.

For example, you could consider cooking the same meal from a recipe and enjoy the shared experience of whipping up the same dish. Of course, you don’t need to eat the same thing – many people get a lot out of simply checking in with one another during their mealtimes, as this is a natural point in the day when people naturally come together and unwind.

Now suppose the person you’re wanting to call currently lives on the complete opposite side of the world, like Australia. In this instance, you could still touch base over food, it may just happen that the Australian contingent are preparing breakfast at the same time you’re serving dinner, or vice versa.

Netflix and Chill

Movie nights, or catching up on a favourite show, is another great option that can be easily achieved at distance. Watching the latest episode of a show you’re working your way through part of your weekly routine with friends or family can be a great, no fuss way of spending some quality time. It’s relatively easy to coordinate watching a show in sync, though you may need to nail your countdown when hitting play.

Some services, such as Disney+, actually offer a watch-party feature that links multiple accounts together seamlessly so all the leg work is done for you. This is especially useful when someone needs to shuffle off to the loo!

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