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When it comes to investing, everyone around Kent will have heard the buzz around digital currencies. Bitcoin for example has regularly made the headlines and hit new heights in 2021. This financial market is also home to multiple other digital currencies to trade, such as Doge and Ethereum. All this combined now sees the crypto market worth billions and an increasingly popular choice for people in Kent to invest in.


Of course, getting the most from trading online means choosing the right trading platform to use. While this might seem a complicated topic, it is not hard at all when you start to look into it further. In terms of crypto trading, there are specific exchanges which you could sign up with to use. For many, is the pick of the bunch for dedicated digital currency exchanges. As this gate io review shows, it is one the oldest and more trusted exchanges around.


A major question therefore is should you use a specific crypto exchange like this? For a lot of crypto traders in Kent and the UK, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. But why is this and what do these sorts of trading exchanges offer?


Better choice of coins to trade 


Using an exchange like for trading crypto is worthwhile because they are dedicated to crypto trading. It is not an add-on, which is the impression some trading platforms who are not pure crypto exchanges give. Indeed, some trading platforms you sign up with may not even offer crypto trading at all. 


It is not just this focus on digital currency and the chance to trade it which makes crypto exchanges handy though. Most will carry a lot more main coins and altcoins to trade, which is appealing. For example, has a massive selection of coins to trade – from major players like Bitcoin to more obscure ones, such as Tezos or Monero.


Top crypto exchanges are secure 


If you plan to begin trading in digital cash, using a reputable crypto exchange is worthwhile to stay safe online. has been around since 2013 and has built an excellent reputation for honesty. Choosing a well-established exchange like this means you can feel confident it will not go out of business overnight and has plenty of customer reviews to check out online before signing up. is also a platform which places great focus on protecting its customers’ sensitive details, through the use of things like SSL technology. This is something to pay close attention to when your bank details and personal data is held by the platform you trade with. By choosing an exchange like this for trading, you stay safe from scam platforms and online crime.


Mobile trading 


Modern day trading in crypto is all about mobile investing. Another excellent reason to use an exchange like therefore is the mobile trading apps they offer. These apps are typically available for both iOS and Android devices for your convenience. Mobile trading apps are also simple to use and frequently offer the same trading experience as desktop versions of the platform. This allows you to keep up with trades at all times (wherever you are) and instantly react to any breaking market news. 


Simple to use and intuitive interfaces


Perhaps the last great reason to choose an exchange like is how easy they are to use. Exchanges like this come with easy-to-use interfaces which makes trading on them a real joy. It also makes crypto trading simple for beginners. These kinds of exchanges also invest lots of money into their design and layout. This means they look great and offer a superb user experience. All this combined together makes exchanges like amazing to use and enhances your overall trading journey.


Make sure to choose a trustworthy place to trade 


With internet usage in the UK rising by 78% recently, it is no wonder activities like online trading have become more popular as well. Trading cryptocurrency online can be fun and a viable way to earn money. As with any online activity though, it is key to remain safe to get the most from it. Choosing a crypto exchange such as is a simple way to do this and should bring all the above benefits with it. 


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