Small Changes That Can Help Make A Difference In Your Life

Making a change can signify something exciting. Change can bring new opportunities and a chance to start something new. It can bring improvements to something that needs a little more support. Many of us decide to make changes in our lives each year, month, week, and even day.


Deciding to make a change is one thing; implementing them is another. Without realising, many of us are guilty of thinking of multiple changes we want to make and implementing none. Part of the reason for not moving forward with these ideas is that there are too many to make at once, and some are too drastic.


Starting with small changes and gradually working upward is a more effective way to help get these changes to stick. If you are looking doe changes to help make a difference in your life, here are some small ones worth trying.


Change Your Work Commute


For most of us, commuting to work involves driving or taking the bus or train. These convenient options are what many of us naturally gravitate towards. However, have you considered alternative ways to commute to work? Depending on your route, if walking or cycling is an option, it should be one worth considering. There are many reasons to cycle to work, some of which could help to sway your decision!


Start small by cycling or walking to work once a week. You could make it two or three days a week as you get used to this new commute. Starting small could make you more likely to continue with this change. Additionally, choosing to walk or cycle means that you are doing some form of exercise each day. If you have no time for the gym, your commute to and from work will ensure you move and use your muscles.


Update Your Work Space


Of course, most modern businesses still operate remotely. Creating a working-from-home environment that encourages productivity is a must. Working from home can have its share of distractions. Noticing that the washing needs doing when making a cup of tea or putting a film on in the background and finding yourself watching the television screen more than your work screen. All of these are easily done.


Start by finding an area in your home separate from the spaces you choose to relax; for instance, avoid the living room and bedroom. If you can, invest in a desk and an ergonomic chair. These two factors could help to create a productive space for you to work at. You will also want to ensure that your desk remains clutter-free. After implementing these changes, you might notice how productive your working space becomes.


Quitting Old Habits


Many of us are guilty of having bad habits. These could be not getting enough sleep, spending too much time online, or one of the most common bad habits, smoking. Smoking is a common bad habit many struggle to break. Despite trying various methods to quit, such as nicotine patches and chewing gum, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms can cause some to revert to old habits and continue smoking.


If you plan to quit this old habit, consider switching to a vape to help. Look for a vape pen starter kit to help you on your journey to stop smoking cigarettes. It could be the first step you take to help you quit this old habit. Over time, you might notice you reach for your vape pen more than cigarettes. As you control and reduce your nicotine intake, you may reach for your vape pen less and less.


Avoid Delaying Cleaning


After finishing work and cooking yourself dinner, you will likely want to curl up with a good book or unwind while watching a film or TV series. The dishes and cutlery used when making your dinner will likely still be soaking in the sink or piled on the side waiting to be washed. Just as you decide to go to bed, you might spot the unwashed pile of dishes on the side in the kitchen and think, ‘this is a job for tomorrow’. More often than not, tomorrow comes and goes, and those dishes are still there. The same is applied to the dirty pile of clothes in your room or the recently washed items that have yet to be put away.


It is easy to leave these tasks for another time. However, many of us are guilty of leaving these tasks for days until something needs to be done. Instead of falling for this same routine, consider cleaning as you go. For instance, after you have eaten your dinner, wash all the cutlery, plates, and pans used since you are already in the kitchen bringing in the used items. 


The same can be applied when washing in your laundry basket. Rather than leaving it in the basket, take it to the washing machine so it is ready to be washed. Once everything has been washed and dried, instead of leaving the pile of washed items on a chair or your bed, put them in the correct spot. Making this change can help you ensure that your home remains clean and that the cleaning task remains small.


There you have a few small changes to consider making to help make a difference in your life.

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