Solar Installation Tips for Beginners

As more government incentives on solar power begin to affect cost of installing solar in homes, more people are quickly embracing solar power as a go-to solution to replace grid power. Grid power has also gone up in costs on account of rising fuel prices. Therefore, it is clear that solar power is the better alternative. However, not many people know the process of installing solar power or even how to get started. This simplified guide will show you exactly which factors to consider and which ones to ignore. 

What Systems Make Up Solar Power?

The sun has been around for billions of years, and its only recently in human development, that is has been used to make electricity for homes. The invention of photovoltaic cells has made it possible to convert pockets of sunlight into electric current that can then be stored for later use. Of course, the science is a bit complicated than that, but previously it took immense resources to install solar power at home. Whereas nowadays, you can get solar power with as little as $30,000, it is however crucial to know all the components of solar power systems to enable you make the right decision.


Solar companies will generally offer a grid network, solar panels, batteries and inverters. This is because a solar company unlike a solar panel company, will source all the components for you and even send an installer to do everything. However, solar panel companies will only sell solar panels and recommend the other components which you can buy elsewhere. You therefore need to know what each component does before you even consult a solar company to begin installation.


Since you know what the solar panel does, the next important component is the grid network. The grid basically involves the wiring connections, sockets and nodes that consist of your electrical connections. The inverter on the other hand, converts electrical energy from Direct Current to Alternating Current and this is the format of electricity your appliances are safe with. Finally, the battery system stores excess energy, allowing you to have electricity when there is no sunlight.

Tips to Choosing The Right Solar Company

If you live in California, keep in mind that choosing the right service provider can be the difference between a successful installation and a messed up one. Solar energy installation is an expensive investment and one which you don’t want to regret later. You need to carefully select the right solar company in California if you are to get everything right. 


The first thing is to ensure the solar company has the right licenses and permits to operate in your area. Most solar companies have licenses because otherwise they would be operating illegally. However, there are a few unscrupulous ones that lack a proper address and employ questionable characters. Always ask for documentation to ascertain whether they company or its installers are licensed. 


The second thing to check is reviews and testimonials. Largely, a good solar company will have a mix of good and average reviews. There could be one or no bad reviews, and this is okay. A good review page shows that the company listens to customers and is great with handling feedback.



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