Solid Used Car Brands to Consider for Your Next Vehicle

Choosing your next car is never an easy decision to make. There are multiple different considerations to make, from the relative running costs of new options to the comfort you feel behind the wheel. But one consideration continues to take precedence over others: sheer affordability.

The cost-of-living crisis has not abated since its progenesis at the start of 2022. Rising household costs are making it harder and harder to justify certain expenses, particularly relating to a new vehicle. But where buying one is unavoidable, what used brands are the most reliable for the long term?


Honda is a Japanese brand that exemplifies reliability in the automotive industry. Honda vehicles are extremely dependable workhorses, with engines that do not quit and a wide variety of classic models to choose from. The Civic Type R was a quintessential sporty hatchback with handling and power like no other car of its ilk – and, twenty years on, many of them are still ticking today. It is safe to say that most used Hondas are a safe bet.


Skoda is an underdog of sorts when it comes to car brands. It is never a first choice for buyers, who tend to much prefer name brands in the same niche with more presence – Ford and Peugeot being key examples. But those neglecting to give Skoda their time are missing out greatly, as the brand offers a wide range of cars for all manner of use cases. They are eminently affordable on used markets, and in enough abundance that you don’t have to look far to find one.


On the slightly more executive end of the spectrum, we have world-renowned champion of automotive engineering and poster-child for German vehicular excellence. Used Mercedes allow you to circumvent the high initial cost of entry, offering you access to reliable and luxurious saloons at a price well below showroom values. Mercedes is a real aspirational brand, and for good reason. 


Closing off our list is another entry from Japan, cementing the nation’s automotive manufacturing business as amongst the most reliable for longer-term car ownership. Toyotas have been a mainstay on UK roads for many years now, offering a no-nonsense range of affordable hatchbacks and MPVs throughout the turn of the millennium – alongside flashy, sporty piece of modern driving history in the form of the Celica. Toyota engines are dependable as anything, and older models of Yaris are still common finds in used markets!

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