Step Up Your Instagram Game in 2022 with These 5 Tips

Social media are always on the move. The advancement of these platforms brings a wider range of people to be part of the influencing world. Instagram is one of the online realms that recruit users daily. Today, it includes thousands and millions of people who seek to improve their Instagram game to obtain perfection. Its popularity induced an increase in engagement and activity on the platform. Instagram became such a competitive floor with an addictive need to post more and gain more followers. It inspires us to see influencers, bloggers, and brands coming to the surface, and it provides us with enough ambition to become like them. Today, dominating Instagram is no easy game, unless you have something unique to offer. It is important to stand out from the crowd to be noticed, and here are a few tips on how to do so.


  1. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are life saviors when it comes to promoting and stepping up your Instagram profile. They appeal to your followers’ thanks to their short and fun format. While Instagram stories only last a day, users feel the need to check them regularly so they wouldn’t miss any updates.  Unlike posts, Instagram users do not need to access your profile to watch your story, but they can be prone to access your account via a story they’ve seen of you. To raise your stories’ popularity, you can save your stories by adding them to a highlight on your profile to showcase your work; it could be a collage of many old stories and posts to introduce something you do. For further notice, there are some websites like Earthweb that can help you find the best Instagram story saver tool in 2022; some of them might help edit the stories as well, save them on your phone then upload them for a higher resolution. You can also attract an audience by optimizing the quality of your content, and this by being creative and showing you’re having fun doing what you love. Add stickers, music, gifs, drawings, writings, filters, and effects to your story. Add your personal touch and show the world what you’re capable of. 

  1. Be Consistent:

 Are you a bookstagramer? A foodstagramer? Or perhaps you’re sharing traveling pictures on your account? Either way, try to be consistent with your content. When people follow you, they do so because they are interested in what you’re posting. Consistency is the key; imagine having posted book-related content for over a year just to randomly switch to sports content. You will immediately lose followers because most of them have been following you for the books. This is why most influencers who specialize in one thing always hold a second account to post their everyday life. Your account will be labeled according to the content you will post as if you were exposing an art collection to the world. Choose what you love best and share it with your followers. 

  1. Choose A Theme:

There is nothing that attracts a user’s attention more than the aesthetics of a profile page. It feels that you have chosen those pictures specifically, and made a collage of different pictures but with similar effects. Such as an expanded mosaic that appeals to your followers and that adds unity to your posts. Make sure you choose a theme that suits you and your content. Some are comfortable using black and white pictures, some use vintage, others soft, perhaps vibrant, etc. 

  1. Use IGTV:

Think of it as Instagram’s YouTube. This feature allows you to post as many videos as you want with a length that may reach an hour. IGTV is a great tool to post your creativities, your creations, or behind-the-scenes videos if you’re a content creator. You can also use it to create videos to shed light on sensitive or trendy topics. Sometimes you need to speak about a topic longer than a story can hold. Remember, your motive is to keep your audience’s attention – so be straight to the point and start with a hook that will keep viewers attached and intrigued. You can also post old videos of yourself to introduce your work to a now-new audience.

  1. Engage with Your Followers:

Instagram is one of the few apps that facilitates your engagement with your followers. It can be done in many aspects, such as commenting on their posts and responding to their messages and questions. You can also use hashtags to find out which topics are trending and create your content through that piece of information. Besides, engage them through polls and questions you can ask in your stories. Not only this will bring your followers to interact and respond to you, but it will also help them learn things about you and vice versa. If you’re leading a business, you will more likely have a wider database and information on what type of followers they are following you, what are their interests, and how you can catch their attention through your content.

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