Subtle Signs You Should Book a Hearing Test

Our ability to hear is an important part of how we navigate and understand the world around us. However, hearing loss isn’t usually something that will happen overnight. Often it occurs gradually over time, which can make it difficult to tell if something’s not quite right with your hearing. However, the good news is that there are some subtle signs and symptoms to look out for. If you notice any of these, then it might be worth booking a hearing test. 


If you’ve been noticing tinnitus or ringing in your ears more often than usual these days, then it might be time to book a hearing test. Even if you are not losing your hearing, it’s good to get to the bottom of what might be causing the tinnitus as this can be quite a disruptive and annoying condition to live with. Often, it happens after you have been exposed to loud noises that have caused some damage to the ear drum. You can book a hearing test in Harley Street here. 

Turning Up the Volume

If you have to have the TV volume on at full blast and don’t realise how loud you have it until somebody says something, then it might be time to get a hearing test. These days, it’s easier than ever to make everything louder so you may not even realise that you are struggling to hear things like the TV or radio at a normal volume. 

Trouble Following Conversations

If your ability to hear has become impaired, it’s often difficult to follow conversations – especially if you are in a crowded, noisy place like a pub or restaurant, or if you are trying to follow a conversation that is being held between several different people at the same time. If you’ve noticed that recently, you are avoiding situations more and more often due to struggling to keep up with the conversation or even join in at all, then it might be your hearing to blame, and it’s worth booking a test. 

Asking People to Repeat Themselves

One major sign that you might benefit from getting your hearing tested is if you are often asking people to repeat themselves when you are speaking to them. Although it’s not uncommon to mishear somebody or miss something that was said from time to time, you may have a hearing problem if you have found that this is happening in almost every conversation that you have. 

Struggling to Tell Where Sounds Come From

If you hear a sound but can’t tell where it is coming from, then this is a sure sign that you should consider having your hearing tested. If one or both of the ears is struggling to hear a sound, then it can be harder to interpret its source. 

Hearing loss is not uncommon as we get older, and most of the time it happens so gradually that you may not even realise you have a problem until it starts to have a big impact on your life. If you have noticed any of these subtle signs, then it’s worth booking a hearing test.

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