The 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

If you enjoy travelling, then don’t let money hold you back from pursuing this passion of yours and exploring some wonderful places. In fact, there are a ton of places that you can visit without spending a lot of money and also have a good time. If that sounds interesting enough and you wish to explore the best budget travel destinations for 2019, then keep reading. After extensive research, we have put together some of the best budget destinations that you can visit this season.

San Antonio, Texas

If you have just a weekend and are left with very little money in your pocket, then consider driving to San Antonio in Texas. Although it may not sound as cool as going on a vacation to Mexico, but you’d be surprised at the exciting options you have. A walk across the San Antonio River does not cost much, and the surrounding cafes let folks with every budget relish authentic Mexican delicacies. Moreover it’s a great holiday destination for those who wish to go out with their families, as you can even visit the Six Flags Fiesta or go frugal and check out the free light show at the San Fernando Cathedral out there.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to hang out on a budget, especially if you like seafood and beach hopping. It is a small island located in the far East, and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. Some interesting places include the remains of the ancient city of Lanka at Sigiriya, the Pinnawalla Elephant orphanage, the city of Colombo and Kandy. 

Goa, India

Goa, which was earlier a Portuguese colony is India’s most popular holiday destination for the young and the restless. It is known for lively beach parties, wonderful beach resorts, casinos and all the fun that comes with it.So if your idea of the perfect holiday is to laze about on a sunny beach, then this is the perfect place to go. Some of the prominent beaches out there include the Donna Paula, Miramar, Panaji and Calangute.


If you crave for some inner peace, then the most appropriate holiday destination would be Tibet, the land of Buddhist monasteries. Besides that, there are also some amazing nature photography and trekking destinations out there such as Gama Valley, which is towards the East of Mount Everest, Kharta Valley trek and a lot more that you can explore. 

Phuket, Thailand

This is one of the best budget holiday destinations for water sports enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts, as well. The Khao Sok National Park out there is a beautiful rainforest, sprawling amid huge limestone mountains. You can also visit the Paradise Beach, Kathu waterfall and a ton of other places and indulge in some water sports.

Cape Town, South Africa

For wildlife enthusiasts, the wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa would be a dream come true and the South African Rand makes it all the more easier on the pocket. So, if you are travelling on a budget, then Cape Town in South Africa is definitely going to be a treat. You can also visit some prominent historical places out there, such as the Cape of good hope and Robben Island.

Heading to San Antonio, Texas is okay when it’s just drive away. However, for all other destinations, we have made it a point to list out places with currencies that ensure a good exchange rate against the US dollar. That leaves you with enough money to pursue your passion and gamble while travelling. You can choose pay by phone bill casinos at while travelling and keep yourself entertained throughout the journey. Just in case you get lucky, you can always extend your holiday and never get back to work.

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