Beginner’s Guide to Low Volatility Slots

For some players, most slot games are similar, except for the theme. They may not be familiar with the term volatility, which can have an impact on your winnings chances. If you are new to online slot games, we want to accompany you on your journey as you find out the best games that come with low variance. Understanding volatility is key, especially for newcomers seeking a stable gaming experience. When exploring low volatility slots, consider reputable fast payout casino UK platforms that not only offer these games but also ensure quick and reliable withdrawals, enhancing your overall gaming satisfaction.

What is Volatility in Online Slots?

Volatility is the risk level associated with a specific slot game. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Return to Player. An online slot game with high variance pays out substantially but on an infrequent basis.

On the other hand, a low volatile online slot game pays frequently, albeit small amounts.  Even though the payouts are generally smaller, some players may seek out these games to extend their gaming sessions and safeguard their bankroll.

Low-volatile online slots are a popular choice amongst newbies and casual players who are dipping their feet into the world of online slots for the first time.

How does Volatility impact Gameplay?

The variance level attached to a slot game can make a significant impact on the value of your wins and their frequency. That said, we should specify that while in theory, low volatile slot games pay more frequently, it does not mean that these wins are guaranteed or significant enough to recoup your past losses.

High Volatility vs Low Volatility Slot Games

There are some key differences that can help you determine a highly volatile slot game from a low one. 

  • Payout sizes for low-variance slots are generally much lower than those of high variance slots
  • The payout frequency for a low-variance slot game is much more frequent, while high-variance ones don’t pay out that often.
  • High volatility slots are a better option for players with large bankrolls and who are looking to take a bigger risk.

Determining the Volatility of an Online Slot Game

Now that you know what volatility is, you should also be aware that not all online slot games or online casinos reveal the variance level of a slot game. There are some ways and means to help you determine whether you are playing a low or a highly-volatile slot game.

Play the Demo Version

If you are seeking a low-volatility online slot game, then chances are you want to play it safely with a smaller bankroll. You may want to explore a wider range of online pokies or want to squeeze in plenty more spins.

Here, at Mr. Gamble, you have the opportunity to try most online slot games in free demo mode. The volatility of a slot game will stay the same regardless of whether you are playing for real money or in free demo mode.

Playing in free demo mode will not allow you to win real money, but will help you determine the volatility level of an online slot game and get a good feel of its mechanics.

The RTP of a Slot Game

The payout percentage is one key factor you need to take into consideration when playing a low-volatility slot game. The payout percentage is the complete opposite of the house edge and refers to an approximation of how much a player can expect in winnings over time. The large majority of online slot games come with a payout percentage of 96%.


To put it into perspective, the slot machines you find at brick-and-mortar casinos come with a much lower payout percentage. 

As a player, you should combine a high RTP rate with low volatility to give you the best chances of winning.  If you are interested in playing low-variance online slot games with a high RTP, you should check out the below at your favorite casino:

Pros and Cons of Low-Volatility Online Slots

Low-variance online slots are a superb option for players, but like everything, they come with their own set of pros and cons. Let’s explore them below.

Pros of Low Volatility Slots

  • Low-volatility slot games lead to more frequent yet small wins, making them appealing for players who are looking for consistency
  • Low-volatile online slots are great for players with a small budget
  • Since they come with a lower risk level, they are great for players looking to minimize their losses.
  • Great for beginners as they are slightly more predictable

Cons of Low Volatility Slots

  • Since the payouts are smaller, the chances of winning big are eliminated
  • They may not be as exciting as highly volatile slot games
  • Low variance slots can feel repetitive over time since they lack suspense

Best Online Slot Games to Play with Low Volatility

Finding low-volatile slot games at US online casinos can be challenging, especially since many new slot games are subject to high variance. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of slot games available on the market, the large majority of games are either medium or high variance.

The below slot games are some of the most popular low-variance games. Some are a little dated, come with less-than-optimal payout percentages or they might lack on the bonus features front. Nevertheless, they pay out frequently.

Low Volatility Slots: Conclusion

Playing it safe can bring some peace of mind to more cautious players, but low-volatility slot games can lack the thrilling features and big wins associated with high-variance slot games. Nevertheless, these games are a great entry point for players looking to explore the online gambling world.

Paavo Salonen (Co-Founder of Mr. Gamble) wants to help players make an informed decision: “When you start out in the gambling world, it is common to pick an online slot game based on its theme and variety of colors. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and variance and payout percentages are two of the most prominent factors, which players should take into consideration when picking a game.  With Mr. Gamble’s help, you can explore the best options.” 

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