The Best Cultural Experiences in Kent

An Eclectic Combination of Cultural Events Makes Kent Worth Visiting


Fancy a bit of history? Well, it’s important to understand why Kent is such an important historical and cultural area in England. Indeed, it is thanks to this region’s rich heritage that we are drawn to the allure of this magnificent enclave. The Battle of Hastings, Canterbury Cathedral, and The White Cliffs of Dover are world famous and they’re all in Kent.


But that’s not all – Kent is also home to The Kent County Show, Canterbury Festival, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and much more. So, let’s explore inside Kent with newfound resolve. It’s almost as if every nook and cranny of Kent has a unique story. It’s like a Land of Gold slot with wild adventures in every single direction.


While no lucky leprechauns are running around in Kent, this region smacks of good fortune for the locals. It is home to Britain’s finest victories and most glorious castles. Kent’s White Cliffs of Dover are etched into the world’s history books, and the fairs, markets and festivals enjoy legendary status. So, let’s get spinning, folks – your online tour begins now.


Things to See & Do in Kent, England 


The Battle of Hastings is one of the most famous battles in British history. It was fought in 1066 between the invading Normans and the Anglo-Saxon army under King Harold Godwinson. Harold’s army had been victorious at Stamford Bridge but was defeated at Hastings by the Normans, led by William the Conqueror. The battle is a turning point in English history when England became part of the Norman Empire. 


Canterbury Cathedral is one of England’s most famous landmarks and has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries. It was founded in 597 AD by St Augustine, who brought Christianity to England from Rome. The cathedral is home to many important relics, including the remains of Thomas Becket, who was murdered there in 1170 AD. Today it is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the world. 


The White Cliffs of Dover are one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks. They have been immortalised in art and literature and are synonymous with Britain’s coastline. They were formed over millions of years as chalk deposits built up on an ancient sea bed. Today they provide a stunning backdrop to the Kent coastline and are a popular tourist destination. 


The Cranbrook Apple Fair is one of the largest and most popular apple fairs in England and takes place every year in the town of Cranbrook. It is a celebration of the apple harvest, with a wide range of apple-themed events taking place throughout the town, including an apple pie baking competition, an apple pressing demonstration, and an apple bobbing competition. The fair attracts visitors from all over the country and is a major tourist attraction for the town.


The Kent County Show is one of the largest agricultural shows in England and takes place every summer. It showcases the county’s farming and agricultural industry and attracts visitors from all over the country. The show features livestock competitions, farm machinery displays, and various other attractions. 


Royal Tunbridge Wells is a town in Kent that has been a popular spa resort since the 17th century. It was once known as ‘The Queen of Watering Places’, and today it is still a popular destination for tourists. The town is home to many historic buildings, including the Royal Pavilion, which was built for George IV in 1820. Today it is a thriving shopping centre, with a wide range of shops and restaurants.


The Canterbury Christmas Market is one of England’s most popular Christmas markets and takes place every year in Canterbury. It is a traditional German-style market, with stalls selling various Christmas goods, including decorations, gifts, and food. The market is a popular destination for tourists and locals and attracts visitors from all over the country.


But don’t forget the Canterbury Festival in Kent. This festival is one of the largest and most popular cultural festivals in England and takes place every year in the city of Canterbury. It is a celebration of the arts, with many events occurring throughout the city, including music, dance, theatre, and art exhibitions. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world and is a major tourist attraction for the city.


The Ramsgate Tunnels are a series of tunnels built in the 19th century to connect the town of Ramsgate with the nearby port of Margate. The tunnels were used by ships to avoid the dangerous shoals around Ramsgate and were also used by smugglers to smuggle goods into the country. Today, the tunnels are a popular tourist attraction open to the public for tours.


Jolly good! There’s so much rich culture, heritage and history to enjoy in Kent. And we’ve only scratched the surface, folks. So, see Kent, explore Kent, and enjoy Kent. Au revoir.  



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