The Best Tools to Keep in Your Car 


If you have a car that you tend to use a lot, you’ll want to make sure it contains everything you need. From having enough gas in the tank to making sure you have a blanket in the trunk, your car should also have a toolbox. 

You might not automatically think that you need a toolbox in your car. However, having one that contains the essential tools can help you should you break down.


Let’s take a look at some of the best tools you should have in your car


For Maintenance and Repair:


  • An empty gas can – If you run out of gas you will need to walk to the nearest gas station so you can fill the can up. 
  • A tire jack – This will help you to change a tire, should you need to.
  • A spare tire – Make sure the tire is in a good state of repair.
  • Your user manual – This will help you to deal with a range of problems. It could also contain some useful numbers. 
  • Some duct tape – Duct tape can be useful for holding together glass in a broken window or a broken handle.
  • A toolkit – Containing a range of tools such as a hammer and screwdriver, you could deal with many mechanical problems easily. Don’t forget some epoxy as epoxy can be used for a wide variety of projects and repairs. 


For Safety 


  • A jacket – If you get stuck in traffic or you break down and the weather changes, you could get cold. A jacket could potentially keep you warm for hours. 
  • Some drinking water – Being stuck somewhere without water is never good. Store at least a few liters of water in your vehicle. 
  • Non-perishable food – Food such as this is handy if you ever break down. 
  • A high-visibility vest – Hi-vis vests are essential if you need to wait at the side of the road to be picked up. 
  • A pair of sunglasses – If the sun gets in your eyes you won’t be able to drive safely. Store some sunglasses in your car just in case. 
  • A first aid kit – You never know when you might need a basic first aid kit. 


For Convenience and Comfort 


  • A blanket – If the weather turns cold or you’re driving at night, a blanket could help to prevent you from falling ill. 
  • A USB charger – Want to charge your cell phone? Get a USB charger that will let you do just this. 
  • Some spare change – Toll booths are popping up all over the place. Don’t get stuck, keep some spare change in your vehicle at all times. 
  • A pair of gloves – If it gets cold, gloves will help you to stay warm. 
  • Your insurance papers – Your car insurance papers are essential if you are in an accident. 
  • A pen and paper – These are essential if you need to write down contact details or you need to remember someone’s license plate. 


Keep the above items in your car. They will help you to drive with confidence, knowing you have all that you need with you, just in case.






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