The Best Ways To Care For An Older Dog 


Dogs reach their golden years at different times depending on their breed. Some it may be as young as 7 or 8 and some as old as 12 or 13, or some could even push 15. 

Whatever age your dog lives to, it’s important that you nurture their minds and bodies as they reach their older years. Like us, as we get older a dog needs to stay active and keep his or her mind sharp.

Make It Easy For Them To Get Around The House 

Older dogs may not be as active as they were as puppies and younger dogs. This is a natural part of the aging process and it is important to aid your dog’s mobility where you can.

If your dog struggles to get up onto the sofa or bed you might want to consider investing in some pet steps. This will make it easier on their joints, particularly for smaller dogs who have to jump further to get cuddled up with you on the sofa.

Keep Them Active

Just because your older dog isn’t as boisterous as he was as a puppy doesn’t mean you should allow him to become inactive. You should moderate his activities to adjust to any mobility issues, like going for shorter or easier walks. Keep your eye out for any signs that your dog is struggling and adjust your routines accordingly.

If the cold bothers your dog then try exercising him indoors as much as possible in the winter months. This will not be achievable for all breeds as bigger dogs will need more exercise than you can provide indoors even as they get older.

You can also consider investing in some warming coats or boots for exercising outdoors to protect your older dog from the worst of the rain and cold.

Carefully Consider Their Diet

Good food is vitally important to good living quality at any age but particularly as your dog gets older. The right food will keep their heart, joints, and immune systems in top condition, and help to combat the effects of aging.

A raw food diet can really help your older dog to thrive. If this is something you’ve not looked into before then take a look at this guide to raw dog food for beginners for more information on the nutrition and health benefits. Bella and Duke dog foods are a great source of important nutrients and healthy food for your dog no matter what age they may be.

A raw dog food diet that you can tailor to your dog’s specific requirements can be just the thing he needs as he gets older.

Keep Their Minds Active

Keep your dog’s activities varied. How you do this depends on the dog’s likes and dislikes, but you could consider trying out new toys, playing games around the house, or try a puzzle toy.

Much like we humans are encouraged to take up crosswords or Sudoku to keep our minds sharp, a puzzle toy for your older dog can increase cognitive function, keeping them happier and healthier for longer.

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