The Evolution Of Cosmetics – From Unconventional To Modern

The products placed on your table today that follow the parameters of beauty are rather well-researched or influenced. People nowadays do their homework before spending money on any product. They have a wide range of makeup products, a foundation that perfectly fits their skin complexion, similar to concealer, and tons of other skin care products. The question arises: what were the dynamics of beauty in the past? Were people used to paying so much attention to what appears on the skin? This blog will discuss the journey of cosmetics from the past to the present.

The Evolution Of Beauty Products:

Here is the complete guide on how cosmetic products have evolved over time period:

Sun Protection:

In today’s world, people use sunscreen as it is a gold mine. They do not go out without sunblock all over the parts of the body that will face the sun. Most people do not even apply makeup after the sunscreen as they consider it a whole for their face. In the past, people were accustomed to organic oils, nuts and seeds for protection from the sun.

Nail Paint:

In the past, people used gelatin and gum or often beeswax to colour their nails, and for the shine part, they used egg white. In modern times, there is a wide variety of nail paints in every shade in the world. There are proper manicures and nail care routines. Similarly, in today’s age, people have travelled from fake nails to acrylics that look more natural and give a unique look to your hands as they come under aesthetics.

In today’s world people follow aesthetics religiously in everything they do. Even the makeup they choose lives up to the aesthetics. Everything that looks aesthetic comes under makeup as it enhances the personality. For example, in the past, smoking a cigarette was considered classy. Nowadays, people are shifting their choices from cigarettes to e-cigarettes to look classy in a gathering.

When you explore the vaping sector, you will find various vape devices that look chic in the hands due to their exuberant appearance and bunched shape. Vapes like Voopoo Drag and RandM Tornado 7000 are cylindrical in appearance and give a very cool glimpse that fits right into the fists of your hands. Have you searched about the Voopoo Drag S? This device’s visual appeal will give a new fashion sense to what you are wearing. This vape kit is also prevalent among cloud chasers due to the immense vapour production that looks very attractive to the eyes.

Face Powder:

In the past, people were very conscious of complexion, as fair complexion was considered superior. People use an amalgam of margarine and chalk as a foundation to look fair.  In modern times, due to awareness, the concept of beauty has changed completely as people are becoming more aware of the parameters of beauty.

In 2000, women started to wear heavy foundations to look ready, as it was considered an elite form of fashion. Nowadays, the notion of fair skin turns as people live their skin colour and feel comfortable. Still, a vast range of foundation matches every skin type. The texture of the foundation gives a very nude look to the face and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.


The lipstick has travelled a long journey. It now comes in a variety of natural or pigmented glosses and pancakes. The nude colours look very real on the lips and look very natural. In the past, people considered it the most crucial thing they would apply on their lips to look attractive aside from biting them. Women used to apply beetroot to tint their lips.

Other Makeup Products:

Many new makeup products have started going from the past to the present, which plays a crucial part in makeup. The eminent one is a highlighter applied at the end of the whole makeup to add glow. Concealers are immensely popular as they hide dark circles and conceal the pigmented facial areas. Loose powder and pancakes are used to make makeup stay for longer hours. Glossy tints for cheeks and lips are used for a very natural look. A wide range of eyebrow shades and long-lasting mascaras rule today.

Final Verdict!

Makeup enhances one’s beauty because everyone wants to look attractive and catch a glance at the surroundings. The makeup created in modern times ticks the safety standards resulting from so much research. Although the dynamics of beauty have changed in so many ways as people are focusing on the beauty which resides within. In the past, people only considered makeup to set beauty standards. Now, people have different opinions about cosmetics, beauty and the fashion sense they carry. 


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