The impact of brand humanisation on small businesses (even in Kent)


The most obvious effects of brand humanization will not only affect large companies and multinationals, globally known brands, but also smaller, local firms, even those located in Kent. Every company, in one way or another, will have to face the need to devote specific and continuous attention to people, to their needs, inserting the figure of the individual in their communication plans and trying – as far as possible – to revolutionize the daily life of their company, starting from the peculiar way in which they manage the needs of their staff and their well-being. 


The centrality of human beings 


For some time now, and in particular in the last two years, the human being as a living creature rich in emotions has progressively regained its centrality, pushing many companies and brands to transform it into the absolute protagonist of the brand narrative and leading many of them to change their internal organization, orienting it as much as possible towards the care and cultivation of the individual well-being of people. As far as communication is concerned, people have begun to appear more or less everywhere, not only in out-of-home or offline advertising messages, but also in social and other forms of narration, such as the brand narrative that is carried on social and other media available to the company. In recent years, for example, we have witnessed the birth and development of many posts and content dedicated to the stories of the people who animate the company, very often employees with an interesting story to tell, or that in any case has points of contact with the company’s values. Leaving the task of telling the company to the employees, even with social media like YouTube,  from this point of view, is undoubtedly one of the most appreciable effects of the incipient humanization of brands, because the resulting communicative message is unquestionably positive: every observer will understand that the company has finally managed to go beyond the product, and that it is composed first and foremost of people like him, with emotions and stories to tell, generating a state of shared complicity that will bind him even more closely to his reference brand. 


A human-oriented approach must also change the conduct of the company’s protagonists, managers and CEO, who must therefore have the courage to come out into the open and confront the changing needs of modern communication. The company’s top figures, especially those most involved in the creation or conception of the product to be proposed, must in fact become the protagonists of brand communication, appearing more and more frequently in the moments of sharing organized with their public, especially through social media. These activities should not be confused with an excessive protagonism on the part of executives, or with an alleged desire to appear at all costs: in fact, the opposite is true. By coming out into the open, executives and the most important figures in the company clearly demonstrate their willingness to establish human contact with their public, allowing stakeholders and potential consumers to interact directly with him, with a person who has a decisive weight in the strategic and operational choices of the company.


A new relationship between company and client 


A great way to start to relate in a different way with people, first of all with one’s own customers, could be represented by the organization of live events in which all interested people, at certain times, can send their questions to the company representatives, even to the CEO or to the most central figures, as in a real questions and answers session. This kind of event could also be organized in a completely virtual way, through live feeds that can be easily started on Facebook or Instagram (or even with other social networks, such as Twitch). The relationship between the brand and its interlocutors will certainly be strengthened, because the company will have demonstrated in an excellent way its willingness to dialogue, to a more direct and human interaction. 


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The fate of companies, in the short and long term, will revolve around the new ways in which they will define the relationship between the brand and its stakeholders, between the company and its public, establishing completely new human contacts, much deeper and more authentic than before.


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