The Importance of Having a Lawyer on Retainer

While it might seem unnecessary, having a lawyer on retainer can make many things easier. Having someone knowledgeable in the law can assist in a lot of situations. Depending on your case, it can make sense to retain one. Here are a few situations where having a lawyer one call away will help simplify things.

Contract drafting and business issues

One of the most common reasons to have a lawyer on retainer is to have them consult on contracts and business issues. If you run a business and get a contract, it might not be very clear to read because of the legal language. You don’t want to waste time puzzling things out. The best option is to send it to your lawyer to interpret it and advise you. You will also need to have contracts ready for employment and business deals. Properly drafting a contract so there are no loopholes is exactly what you have a lawyer for. Additionally, businesses can run into a variety of legal issues ranging from employment to lawsuits. A lawyer on retainer can help handle these issues with minimal problems.

Accident involvement

No one expects an accident to happen, and it can be a major issue. For example, if you get into a cycle accident today, you will have to talk to the police, insurance companies, and other lawyers. Having a lawyer on retainer will allow you to navigate the entire mess to get proper compensation. Your lawyer should be one of the first people you call if you get into an accident to make things simpler for you.

Issues with family

Family issues can quickly become legal ones. The most obvious reason for legal help with your family is a divorce. Separating from a long-term partner is already emotionally painful. Having to deal with the legal repercussions can make it worse. A good lawyer can advise you on what steps to take and how to handle child custody. It is not only painful things that lawyers can help with. Adoptions need legal paperwork that your lawyer can handle, as well as writing wills and powers of attorney.

Criminal cases

Being accused of a crime can be a horrible experience. Proving your innocence will be much easier if you have a lawyer familiar with you and your life. They would have a good idea of your situation and can help defend you against unfair accusations. Having an attorney immediately come to jail so that you have a friendly face during any interrogation can be a big help. You might think it will never happen to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Final thoughts

With a lawyer on retainer, you don’t have to hunt for one. Finding the ideal lawyer can be a complex process and take a long time. With easy access to one, you can deal with the various situations above with minimal problems. The cost of a yearly retaining fee can be worth the convenience. 


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