The many benefits of wooden buildings for your garden

Would you like to have your own wooden building? Do the kids keep asking for a special corner in the garden for them to play? A wooden building can also be a long-time, delayed plan that keeps you dreaming about relaxing afternoons, summer nights with friends or finally dedicating time to that special hobby. Now is the time to turn that plan into a reality! 

The pandemic was a moment of reflection for a lot of people, and among those reflections, spending more time enjoying our houses, hobbies and free time became a priority for many. However, if you feel like you don’t have enough time or dealing with the process of installing a wooden building in your garden seems hard, you should not! Companies like Quick Garden offer a great variety of garden houses and its staff will guide you all the way in the process of acquiring the perfect wooden building.

A wooden building can work as an organisation and storage space, a workshop, an office, a playhouse for the little ones, a reading room, a kitchen or even a meditation or yoga space… your imagination is the limit! Have you ever thought about the light and warmth of the sun that you could enjoy, even on the coldest and windiest days, inside your wooden shelter? You could be in communion with nature to read, rest and dedicate yourself to your favourite hobbies. A wooden building also allows storage and organisation of items that no longer have a place or space inside the house, such as the kids’ toys, DIY tools, and garden equipment, among others. A shelter can also be a space to express your creativity, as you can paint and decorate it as you wish!

Contrary to what one might think, wooden buildings have high quality: before reaching the client, the wood goes through rigorous processes of quality control and a series of certifications that ensure the safety of the building. On the other hand, wood is better for your health and safer than other materials. It has the ability to absorb and eliminate humidity from houses, filtering and purifying the air, thus regulating the indoor environment and helping to prevent respiratory diseases.

Wooden buildings are also much more ecological and sustainable than traditional masonry dwellings. Did you know that the carbon dioxide emitted during construction is only about 25% of that emitted when building a concrete building? There are even recent studies that claim building houses in wood saves billions of tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, wood is an excellent thermal insulator, which makes the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Besides making the building more efficient, it consumes less energy.

Wooden buildings also present advantages when it comes to production costs. In some cases, they can be up to 60% cheaper than masonry ones. That is because they do not require cement, bricks, paints, bricklayers or other details necessary for their construction. Construction time and installation also take significantly less time compared to masonry houses. In just a few weeks, it is possible to see it completely installed and finally ready to host its guests and fulfil all your wishes of functionality, comfort and relaxation.

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