The Most Peaceful Places You Can Visit in Kent 

Life can sometimes feel like it is overwhelming, and when this happens there are a number of different ways that people tend to deal with it. There is no getting away from the fact though that one of the most effective ways that you can deal with stress is by submerging yourself in escapism. Kent is an excellent place that you can do that. Thanks to the vast number of peaceful destinations, it is easy for you to submerge yourself in nature and get a proper taste for what escapism is like. This article is going to talk in a bit more detail about all the different places you could visit in Kent that are peaceful and perfect to unwind in. 


What Should You Do in These Peaceful Places? 


There are many benefits to escapism but the way that you engage with said escapism tends to vary from person to person. For instance, you may well find that you are happy sitting in nature, but if you would rather do something a bit more engaging, then there are plenty of options. For instance, you might find that you want to head over to some of the best casino games Australia has to offer. You might decide to use the setting to write, or you could even read a little bit whilst there. 


Where to Go


So, where are some of the peaceful places you can go to escape to in Kent? They include but are not limited to: 

  • Pegwell Bay 


Spending time beside the seaside is great when it comes to helping you feel exhilarated. It can also help when it comes to trying to feel like you are refreshed and relaxed thanks to the salty taste of the ocean kissed air. If this all sounds appealing to you, then there is nowhere better for you to visit than Pegwell Bay. This area comes with a huge range of stunning views making it the perfect escapism pit stop. It is also a large nature reserve so there is plenty for you to discover whilst staying there. 

  • Bedgebury National Pinetum 


When you spend time in and amongst nature you are contributing massively to your overall wellbeing and one of the best places that you can do this in Kent is at Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest. There are a number of different trails that you can go on here meaning even if you decide to revisit, you can have a totally different experience than before. 

  • St Margaret’s Bay 


If the weather is good, then you should be sure to head straight over to St Margaret’s Bay, which will give your mood an instant boost. There is a Saxon Shore Way here that stretches out 160 miles, offering you some amazing peace and quiet on your journey. You can also go for a nice walk whilst here and use the time to soak up some of the stunning views that the area has to offer. 

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