The Top 5 Reasons Windscreens Crack and Chip

Cracks and chips in windscreens – they seem to appear from out of nowhere just when you least expect it. One minute, you’re happily driving along, listening to the radio or chatting with friends. The next? A loud popping sound makes you jump as yet another stone chip mars your field of vision. Windscreens seem prone to collecting an assortment of cracks, fractures and dings over time. Tiny debris flies up while you’re driving, extreme weather weakens the glass, and accidents happen both inside and outside the vehicle. Before you know it, your windscreen looks like a spider web! In this post, we’ll examine the top five reasons windscreens seem so susceptible to damage.

1. Road Debris

The number one cause of cracks and chips in windscreens is road debris. Any small stones, rocks, gravel, sand, glass shards and other debris that get flicked up by the tyres of vehicles in front of you can crack or chip a windscreen. Even tiny particles hitting the windscreen at speed can cause glass damage. Making sure to leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front can help reduce debris strikes.

2. Temperature Changes

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can also lead to cracks and chips in auto glass. Glass expands when heated in hot weather and contacts when cooled in icy conditions. The temperature variation leads to stress fractures if the windscreen glass doesn’t flex enough. These may start as small cracks and spread across the windscreen over time or with further heating and cooling. Parking in the shade and using sun shades helps prevent temperature shifts.

3. Bad Installation

Shoddy windscreen installation often causes the glass to crack or chip later on. If the glass isn’t set properly in the sealant or the wrong sealant is used, there may be gaps that allow movement. Movement leads to cracks as the windscreen comes loose. Using reputable windscreen repair London companies for installations prevents this issue.

4. Window Tinting Issues

Adding tint film that blocks UV rays can also backfire and damage windscreens. When poorly installed and not evenly applied, the tint adhesive and film itself may start pulling up the edges of the glass. This leads to spiderweb cracks as it lifts up slightly. It’s vital when getting any tint or coating added to your windscreens that the technicians take care not to stress or lift the glass.

5. Damage from Inside Vehicle

Believe it or not, but activities inside your vehicle can also crack or chip your windscreens. Slamming doors, putting heavy items on the dash, and even hitting the glass are common causes. Kids and pets leaning against or kicking glass can fracture the windscreen, too. Being gentle when shutting doors, keeping the dash clear and securing children and pets properly protects against inner damage.

While it’s difficult to prevent every possible windscreen crack and chip, being aware of these five common causes can help. Give debris, weather changes, accessories, and activities little opportunity to damage your windscreens and repairs or replacements stay minimal. Use reputable companies when needed to fix small chips and cracks too.

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