The Top Ways You Can Save Money with a Serviced Office


More business owners are becoming savvier regarding their choice in office space, and one of the critical solutions offered today is a serviced office. Those who are keen on saving money and enhancing their freedom and flexibility have been turning to the solutions presented by a serviced office, and very well they should. A serviced office is an inherently great solution for a business that’s expanding, and it’s also beneficial to start-ups who want to get noticed by the right people and establish connections. But serviced offices are also becoming known for how they can save you money. So if you still aren’t sure about whether it’s the best move for your business, here are the top ways you can save money with a serviced office.


  1. It can come fully furnished with immediate utilities  


Not all serviced offices will be fully furnished, and you can easily choose one that isn’t. But the important aspect about it is that some will already be fully furnished and, more importantly, all will have ready broadband and telephone lines. This means you don’t have to apply for these utilities yourself – all you have to do is move in and set up your workspace, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to experience any downtime whilst you wait for your application to be approved. And if you are starting and you don’t have your furniture or equipment yet, you can go the fully furnished route and save on having to buy furniture for your space. 


  1. Contracts come with maintenance coverage 


Most serviced offices will also come with maintenance services, so you don’t have to hire any maintenance staff yourself. This is particularly true for common areas and reception spaces. Also, if you have maintenance needs, whether it’s for plumbing or electricity or air conditioning, the provider may be able to arrange it for you.


But you can expect extras as well – some serviced office providers, such as business space in Manchester specialist Cariocca Enterprises, can provide you with extra services that come with the rental fee, such as CCTV and 24/7 security, on-site parking, and meeting/conference rooms for hire. 


  1. Rent only what your business requires 


Another noteworthy way you can save money with a serviced office is to rent only what your business requires. You will not be forced to rent a space larger than what you need and only use a portion of it. If your business grows, you can easily rent a larger office. If you need to downsize, you can also conveniently request a smaller space. The utter flexibility of such an arrangement allows you to save money and have more freedom at the same time. 


Additionally, serviced office solutions will only charge you for your actual space – the provider will take care of all the other facilities, from the kitchens to the toilets to the conference and meeting rooms and lobby and reception areas. 


  1. You can earn more by saving on admin tasks 


Some serviced office providers can give you access to admin staff, which means that you can avail of reception services or even business support services. With this, you can concentrate on other duties that can grow your business, and you can earn money whilst the serviced office’s support staff can do other tasks for you.  







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