The Ultimate Gift Guide for Gamers

With Christmas just around the corner, our attention turns to Christmas shopping. Let’s face it, we’ve all got that one friend or family member who is obsessed with games. As much as we’d like to get them a new games console or PC, it’s out of most of our price ranges. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still rock their stockings when the big day comes around. With this in mind, we press on and present you our top gift choices for gamers.

Gaming Mouse Pad

If your gaming loved one is a computer fanatic, then they’ll need plenty of space to move their mouse around. There’s nothing worse than trying to find something right at the edge of the screen and trailing your mouse off the mat. With the Blade Hawks mouse pad, your loved one will have an enormous place to run their mouse around on. Whether they’re deep in the desert fighting off waves of enemies or chilling out at the best online casino South Africa, they’ll never need to worry about losing their mouse. Further, the edges light up, and what gamer doesn’t love RGB-inspired gifts?

Game-Inspired Phone Cases

Practically everyone has a phone case these days, so why not treat them to a new phone case? This is an especially great gift if your loved one is susceptible to breaking their phone. This gift is a double-edged sword because you can protect one of their gaming devices, and get a cover splashed with their favourite games. Before you invest in this one, just make sure you do your research first and get a design that your loved one likes. After all, no Sony fan is going to want Xbox splashed across their phone case. 

Backlit Gaming Keyboard

If your gamer giftee is a PC fanatic, you should check out the state of their devices. If they’re using a dusty keyboard beyond cleaning and TLC, you should consider a backlit gaming keyboard from MSI. This keyboard has a stylish design and is built with gaming in mind – you know this because the back lights up. 

Double Seat Cushion

When your loved one is playing their games, they need to stay comfy. However, buying a quality gaming chair can be a bank breaker. Therefore, you should go for the Double Seat Cushion that’s ergonomically designed and makes the perfect compromise. It comes with a handy carry case, which means the cushion can be used anywhere. What’s great about this gift is that it can be used on the go. So, if the giftee travels a lot, they can know public transport comfort while playing their favourite mobile games. 

Games consoles are expensive and some gamer-themed gifts can leave a hefty hole in the bank. However, if you want to complete your Christmas shopping on a budget, you can. All of the gifts above cost less than $100, with the majority of them costing much less. Put a smile on your loved one’s face this year and get them one of the gamer gifts listed above.

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