Three Reasons to Visit Camden Market

There’s more to London than just taking selfies with Big Ben and admiring red double-deckers. Once you’ve had your fair share of chips and greasy fish, marveling at the metropolis and wandering around endlessly, perhaps it’s time to visit a place that revitalizes your tourist spirit and expand your cultural horizons. So, if you’re willing to take this chance, visit Camden Market.

Located in the heart of London, Camden Market is equally attractive for both tourists and locals as the perfect busy place to visit for a fun, adventurous, and rejuvenating day. Filled to the brim with eccentric characters, exciting activities, and a myriad of cultures, Camden Market is a must-visit if you ever find yourself strolling the busy streets of London.

Today, we will present to you three reasons why you ought to pay Camden Market a visit – and if it piques your interest, feel free to check out the best things to see, eat, and shop for at Camden Market by!

1. Daily Brit Pop & Punk Rock Gigs

British pop and punk have been some of the greatest music movements to ever emerge out of the UK – yeah, the Beatles and all that! The good news is that live shows still happen daily at Camden. All around the week, you can tune in to some fine venues (big and small ones) for an exciting night.

Names as big as Amy Winehouse and Blur found their footing and gained traction in the music industry through places like The Dublin Castle in Camden. The iconic landmark of Camden Town, Dingwalls can fit up to 500 exuberant music fanatics in it. Mumford and Sons, along with Foo Fighters have done successful shows in Dingwalls. Another iconic music venue – Electric Ballroom has been blessed by the presence of bands and artists such as Joy Division, The Clash, and Prince. 

If you’re one of the people who enjoy clubbing to live music, Jazz Cafe is a great option. On the contrary, if you attend shows strictly to devote your attention to the music, you can visit Green Note, where world-class musical acts come to perform. Even better are the crunchy samosa snacks that you can get there!

Moreover, north London has The Roundhouse – the signature music theatre. There’s also the World’s End and The Underworld, which is the standard nightlife go-to of many clubbers. In short, there’s lots and lots of good music to enjoy, and not only that, but some solid places to go clubbing as well. All we can say is make sure to give the music a shot if you’re ever in Camden.

2. Great Bars & Pubs

Camden is home to many awesome bars and pubs – one of which is Edinboro Castle, a local pub with an expansive, broad garden with room for over 300 lads and lasses. When the sun shines on a slow, lazy afternoon, this garden perfectly complements one’s mood. Not to mention, you can dine at Edinboro Castle as well – and the food is stupendous! All in all, this place offers one of the most memorable experiences one can have at Camden Market.

The Devonshire Arms, or more commonly known as The Dev, is the oldest and most famous live music pub of Camden. The Dev mainly caters to metal, punk, and rock n’ roll fans. It brings forth many hidden gems and musical talents from the underground scene of Camden Town. Although it has undergone many changes over the years, many still consider it to be an immovable and integral part of the town’s roots and culture.

Next, we have an equally popular pub known as The Hawling Arms. In the old days, Amy Winehouse was a frequent regular of this place. The Hawling Arms has been serving some great music and awesome drinks since 2004. The current owners of this pub take pride in the fact that while many aspects of Camden’s culture may have fallen victim to change and the test of time, The Hawley Arms has not only maintained the town’s musical heritage but also strengthened it to some degree.

Named after a place built in 1837 to import ice from Norway, The Ice Wharf is also a decent choice when it comes to pubs in Camden. It features a rich history and has some very nice facilities. Massive outdoor seating area, TVs and Wifi, live news, and open access for children are what make The Ice Wharf a great pub.

3. Eccentric, Outlandish Shops

If you haven’t come across a shop in Camden Market or a picture of one yet, you’re in for a treat. This town’s shops feature some of the wildest exterior and interior designs you’ll ever see. They are amazing to look at, let alone buy something from – giant shoes and skulls protruding from the shop walls make a statement as no other shop does!

Cyber Dog – a clothing brand running since 1994 –  has a wild, fluorescent interior. The shopkeepers have glow-in-the-dark rave clothing, and basically, they’re having a perpetual party. Their products feature UV neon colors and therefore also hold up to the same hype-beast criteria. 

However, for the calmer shoppers, there are some slick vintage shops in Camden as well. Rokit is one of the main ones. Established in 1986, they’ve got all sorts of impressive vintage wear. Moreover, there’s a permanent 10% off over for all students. Pretty decent, indeed.

Camden Stables is also a terrific sight to behold – enriched with culture and laden with visitors. All the way back in the Victorian era, Camden Stables was the place used to shelter horses that were used for work at the close-by canal. Back then, there were only 16 stalls, and now the area is flooded with flourishing small businesses. 

To Sum Up

As we’ve seen, Camden Market is a place filled with adventure and excitement. It’s got great music, refreshing drinks, awesome shops, and much more that you’ll have to see for yourself. We can’t emphasise to you enough to give this place a visit whenever you’re in London!





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