Tips and tricks for decorating your new dream home

Recently moved or planning to move? This article is for you. You probably have already decided on new pieces of furniture, where to put existing furniture, and how to create the best ambience. Not to forget to mention the floors, colours of the walls and ceilings. However, you probably did not think about house plants yet. Often, these elements are forgotten when creating a new setting in your house. Although plants do make or break your room’s ambience. How should you take this into account?

Creating separate spaces

If you have a large room, it is possible to create separate spaces without building walls. When you add (small) walls, you will create a feeling of a smaller house, which is often undesirable. Therefore, it makes more sense to place a plant in between. When placing a larger plant, you can create two different settings on either side. Without any intrusiveness, it feels like a natural barrier.

Plants in your bedroom

Some people find the idea of having plants in their bedroom awkward. However, it does prove to be very positive for your health. They help combat restlessness and also clean the air in your room. This improves your night’s rest and also creates a nicer environment. Ranging from big to small, there are probably house plants available that suit your bedroom

Unleash the colours

Yes, plants often come in green, but that does not limit your imagination. Many plants come in bright colours, such as pink and purple. These can be a great addition to your new room. Not only do they create a better living environment, but they can also become an eye-catcher. Especially in areas such as the living room and kitchen, these are great additions.

Get inspired using the Internet

Not sure which house plants will suit your (new) area? Luckily there are social media that come to the rescue. Many designers share insights into how to turn plants to your advantage in living areas. Besides that, you can simply look for hashtags of specific plant names to see how they are incorporated in homes.

Leverage the communities

Social media is one of the areas of inspiration, but online communities can be even more helpful. You can find them via forums or blogs, and once you entered you can experience the realm of house plants from a completely different angle. Depending on your style and needs, you can select the communities that suit you. You can ask questions to people in the community that range from experts to people that are looking for the same information. By sharing, you can make a better decision and consider many options. Furthermore, you can also consider these communities as a form of free advisory. What is not to like?






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