Tips for Creating a Vertical Garden 

Gardening is one of the more fulfilling hobbies around. People who have a green thumb need only a tiny space to show off their skills in cultivating and propagating different plants. Some gardeners even succeed in incorporating their gardens into their homes’ designs, and it dramatically improves the aesthetics of the property.

Even if you have limited space for gardening purposes, that shouldn’t be a problem. You need to clear up the space to make an area where you can plant vegetables or ornamental plants. However, you will produce trash from clearing the site in doing so. You don’t dump them haphazardly, as you’ll receive a citation from your local councils. What you need to do is to coordinate with a reputable skip hire company. These companies provide different-sized skips for homeowners to properly eliminate waste. If you want to check out an industry leader, you can visit to get an idea.

If you have limited horizontal space for gardening, don’t fret. Here are tips for creating a vertical garden.


Choose your wall

The first step is to choose the wall. It will be best if your wall receives sunlight for most of the day. You can also consider one of your unsightly walls as you can make them disappear after you’ve installed your garden.


Measure and build your frame

One of the things you need to consider is building a sturdy frame to support the garden. A frame needs to be at least three layers, combining the framing, plastic sheeting, and fabric. You could use pre-treated wood for your frame, but PVC pipes and joints will do the trick just the same. Finally, you have to attach the framing and the plastic sheeting, and the fabric to ensure that there will be a suitable environment for your plants to grow.


Set up the irrigation system

You need to set up the irrigation system. If you don’t want to hose the plants regularly, you can use standard valves and drippers to provide your plants with the water they need to flourish. You can either hire a plumber or do it yourself if you know how to make it work.


Add a fertiliser delivery system

You can set up a liquid fertiliser delivery system by attaching a fertiliser injector to an irrigator valve. Set up the delivery system to the water supply.


Choose your plants

The next step is to choose your plants correctly. There are several factors to consider in selecting the plants for your garden, like humidity, shade, sun exposure and hardiness. You also need to research your zone and choose the appropriate plants for your area. You can also transfer plants and rotate them depending on the climate and season.


Insert your plants

The next step is to insert your plants into the fabric. Use a razor blade to make an opening and insert the plant into the cut. Make sure they receive enough water and fertiliser for them to flourish.



Even if you have limited space, you can succeed in vertical gardening. However, you need to consider several factors to create an excellent vertical garden for your property.




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