Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Reception Venue

You should plan where you will have your wedding ceremony and what happens afterwards. The wedding reception is just as important as the ceremony since your guest needs to have fun. They decided to share a special day with you, and you can’t disappoint them. Of course, planning for the reception is exhausting, and it’s another thing to worry about for your wedding plan. Before you look into the details, everything starts with the reception venue. These ideas will help you land the best spot. 


Look for an Instagram-worthy place

Of course, your guests will take tons of photos during the reception. Make sure the place is picture-perfect. You also want to take the best pictures that you can look back to years down the road and still appreciate.


Rent a big house

Most people will go for event spots. It’s easier to hold the reception there since those places are intended for big celebrations. However, you can also choose big houses to rent. They are easier to arrange, and the place can also accommodate dozens of guests. There are amenities to enjoy too. If some stay for the night, there are bedrooms to host them. In addition, most large houses for rent come with an outdoor or indoor pool, which your guests will appreciate. 


Check the guest count

Find a place that can accommodate your guests. The place must be enough for everyone to feel comfortable. A huge ballroom might be appropriate if you expect a lot of guests. You can also set up enough tables for everyone.


Determine your budget

You have tons of expenses to consider for a successful wedding. Make sure you still have enough money to rent the venue and all the other details during the reception. Don’t be quick in hiring services for the reception when you don’t have enough money to spend. 


Start early

If you decide to get married during busy months, you may encounter several problems. Most venues have already been reserved. After picking the date, start the reservations immediately. It’s even better to pick the venue months before the chosen date. If there are issues, you can find an alternative. 


Check the restrictions

Some wedding reception venues may have limitations. For instance, the owners won’t allow you to go beyond the number of people reserved to attend. As a result, you may have to pay more for every extra person who shows up. Some places may also restrict pets. If you or any of your guests intend to bring pets, it can be a problem. Therefore, it pays to ask about the restrictions before finalising your reservation. 


Visit the place

Don’t rely on the information found online, along with the pictures. The actual reception venue might look nothing like what you see on the website. Therefore, it pays to visit the place first to ensure it is what you want for the reception.

Take your time to look for the right place. Don’t feel frustrated when things can be challenging. You will eventually find the best place for the wedding.  


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