Tips for keeping your floor warm in Winter

Invest in a draught excluder It’s been suggested that properly draught-proofing your home can save you money on your energy bills alongside keeping your home warmer for longer. By investing in draught excluders, you can avoid cold bursts of air getting in on ground level under your interior doors – making for a warmer underfoot experience.

Do your flooring first aid Small holes and gaps in between the floor and your skirting boards can help bring in unnecessary draughts making for colder rooms! Spending time identifying these and sealing any gaps with wood filler or, by adding matching beading, will not only make your floors look neater but actually help to avoid bringing in more cold air too.

Invest In Underfloor Heating If you’re in a place to invest some money into upgrading your home, heated flooring is the way to go. Imagine your beautiful engineered wood flooring or bathroom tile being able to heat up in minutes. As the days get colder, heated flooring will feel amazing, and be completely worth the investment.

Opt for the cocoon effect While lighter shades of wood have been in style for the past few years, dark wood flooring is making a major comeback. Especially going into the winter months. Some nice deep oak flooring creates a cocooning effect, giving the entire space a calmer tone.

Add soft textiles Consider adding soft textiles to your space to prepare it for autumn. This could be knit throws, blankets, new cushion covers, or area rugs. These are interchangeable from season to season, meaning no matter what time of year, your home will look and feel its best.

Keep your slippers close Although you can spend time preventing cold floors, they are unfortunately sometimes unavoidable (without underfloor heating) so keeping a trusty pair of thick socks or slippers to hand is a great way to prevent cold toes this winter.

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