Tips to Get Extra Miles from Your Car Tyres

It doesn’t matter if you have bought premium, mid-ranged or budget car tyres, tyre care & maintenance should never be compromised upon. A regular tyre maintenance regime can help in improving your tyre performance, tyre safety and fuel economy. Following are some of the factors that should be taken into account in order to get maximum life out of your car tyres:


  • Proper Inflation

Both under inflated and over inflated tyres can affect tyre’s overall performance. Under inflated tyres can increase the rolling resistance thereby affecting your vehicle’s fuel economy. On the other hand, over inflated tyres promote premature tyre wear and can also cause overheating leading to a terrible accident. 

To keep yourself and passengers safe from all these hazards, do check that your tyres are filled with optimum tyre pressure. The optimum tyre pressure for your specific tyres is mentioned on the owner’s manual therefore make sure to consult it especially before going on a long journey.


  • Wheel Balancing

You may notice that your car starts shaking once you speed over 40 or 50 mph. This might be a sign that your tyres need to be properly balanced. Unbalanced wheels can cause uneven tyre tear and wear as well as less traction and control over your vehicle. This can lead to tyre replacement long before you actually need to. Therefore, do get your wheel properly balanced by professionals to improve your tyre performance and longevity.


  • Your Driving Style Counts!

Along with maintenance, its also important to drive in a way that would not harm your tyres. For that matter, avoid driving too fast and avoid heavy braking. Follow speed limits on every road, as these limits will benefit your tyres along with keeping you safe. Remember to stay calm behind the wheel and drive smooth, that way you’ll be playing a huge role in increasing your tyres’ life!


  • There Comes a Time When You Have to Replace! 

Its true that tyre maintenance can make your tyres last quite longer. However, after certain tyre wear or tyre damage, one has to opt for tyre replacement. If your tyres have expired or you have experienced tyre tread wear, its better to replace your tyres for the sake of your safety on road. You can select your good quality car tyres in Basingstoke from a large collection of premium, mid-ranged and budget car tyres available at Headley Tyres. Or simply shop online within just a few clicks!





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