Top Gambling Venues in and Around Kent

Kent may be known for its castles and thriving wine and food scene, but this stunning region is also known for its various gambling options. Throughout Kent County, you’ll find bingo halls, slot venues, casinos, and horse racecourses, each with a unique appeal.

Whether you reside in the region and are looking for an exciting outing or planning a holiday in Kent, these six gambling venues are the top options to consider for entertainment and a potential financial windfall.

1. Grosvenor Casino (Thanet, Kent)

If you want a night out that delivers games, food, and drinks in one place, the Grosvenor Casino in Thanet is a wonderful option. When it comes to gambling, the casino has a wide range of the most popular gaming options, including classic table games like poker, sports betting, and plenty of slot games. 

The casino offers its guests experience packages that help them shape the perfect night out; poker fans can schedule a private tournament, and sports fans can reserve the best seats in the house for watching the game (and the result of their wagers) unfold.

2. Charing Racecourse (Charing, Kent)

The Charing Racecourse is a site for point-to-point races, a form of steeplechase racing performed by amateur riders that involves navigating their horses over a series of fence jumps. The horses in these types of races are typically hunting horses, not racehorses, as the origins of this racing type were to keep horses and riders in shape during the hunting off-seasons.

Though an amateur race, this form of horseracing is a popular option to bet on, including at the Charing course. It’s a fun way to escape to the countryside and enjoy a classic form of entertainment, even if your bet doesn’t pay out.

3. Mecca Bingo and Slots (Thanet, Kent)

Mecca Bingo and Slots in the Thanet area is an exciting draw that offers food and drinks alongside bingo and slot game entertainment. Its bingo games hold the appeal of being modern and sleek, operating through screens and comfortable table setups that allow you to engage with others at the table. A huge variety of bingo and slot games are on offer, so visitors are bound to find a gaming option that suits their interests.

And don’t let the reputation that bingo is a game for retirement homes prevent you from indulging in this fun pastime. This notion is far from accurate — the age group that plays the most bingo is the millennial generation, or people born between 1981 and 1996, with the average player being 38 years old. 

As fun as places like Mecca Bingo are, the rise in younger bingo players isn’t attributed to physical bingo halls but instead is credited to the increase in online gambling, which has made bingo and other games of chance more accessible than ever — visit this website to see the great selection available.

4. Central Park Greyhound Stadium (Sittingbourne, Kent)

Operating in a fashion similar to horse racecourses, this greyhound stadium allows visitors to watch greyhounds race for first place and wager on the potential outcomes. The venue also provides dining and drinks for a complete day-at-the-tracks experience. Visitors can watch the races unfold from the comfort of the dining room or head outside and watch from the stands.

This is also one of the few family-friendly gambling venues in and around Kent. Of course, those under 18 can’t place a bet, but they can join in on the excitement and have a nice meal with you. The venue is highly rated across different sites like TripAdvisor and Google for being an enjoyable experience with excellent food.

5. Lingfield Park Racecourse (Lingfield, Surrey)

Along the Kent border, you’ll find the Lingfield Park Racecourse, a horse racing entertainment hub. It was opened in 1890 by King Edward VII when the area was frequented by royalty and wealthy individuals. The races still hold prestige, with an enforced dress code and private suites available. 

Today, the racecourse is a small part of the Lingfield Park Resort, where guests will find a hotel, restaurants, and a golf course — a place for a true getaway. The resort offers entertainment beyond betting on horse races with events like the Summer Sounds Rum ‘n’ Reggae Caribbean Carnival, live music, and family fun days, providing a range of unique and enjoyable experiences.

6. Buzz Bingo and The Slots Room (Maidstone, Kent)

Buzz Bingo and The Slots Room offers a gambling space in the town of Maidstone to indulge in a range of bingo and slot games. One of the biggest appeals of this venue is its theme nights, with reviewers particularly excited about the ‘70s, ‘80s, and Grease vs Dirty Dancing themes at past events.

Like other venues highlighted on this list, this one offers a selection of food and drinks (classic pub fare) that pairs perfectly with the casual gaming experience. 


Kent offers many forms of entertainment and activities to its inhabitants and visitors, and when it comes to gambling, the region has a bit of everything. Whether you’re seeking a classic casino, bingo hall, or racecourse, you’ll find it in Kent.

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