Top tips for completing your reading nook

Occasionally, we all just need a little time for ourselves. For some, that involves crashing out on the sofa and watching their favourite TV programmes. For others, it might involve meditation, listening to a podcast, gardening, or striding out into the countryside for a long walk. And then some love nothing more than getting their nose stuck into a good book.

There are certainly plenty of advantages to reading – it can reduce stress, expand your vocabulary and improve your memory, to name just three. And you’re even more likely to pick up a book, newspaper, or magazine if you’ve got a specially designated space in the home. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect reading nook.


The ideal seating area

You need to make sure you’re comfortable because sitting or lying in an awkward position for long periods can have a damaging effect on your neck and spine. Whether it’s a bean bag, a love seat, or a traditional armchair, pick out the furniture that best suits your space and delivers in terms of practicality. And always try before you buy – don’t run the risk of ordering online without sitting on it first!

Setting the mood

You want to be able to relax in your nook, without any distractions from the outside world. But you always want to be able to see properly, because reading in dim light can strain your eyes and give you a headache. You can get the best of both worlds with a simple table lamp, while the rest of the space can be adorned with rugs, throws, and cushions for that luxurious feel.

Storing your books

If you’re a keen reader, chances are you’ll get through an awful lot of books over a year. It might be that you exchange them with friends or take them to the charity shop once you’ve read them, but you need to find room for the ones you do keep hold of. A fitted bookcase could be the perfect solution because it can be tailored to suit any awkward dimensions or corners of the room.

Ways to accessorise

You might read purely for the escapism, but there may also be times when something on the page jumps out at you and really hits home. It could be an interesting concept or an inspiring quote, so why not create yourself a space to make a note of these? It could be a whiteboard and marker pens, or you could go even more old-school and opt for a blackboard and chalk. The key is to make it a space where you feel you can totally be yourself, lost in the wonders of the written word.

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