Transforming Your Kent Home: A Guide

If you have recently moved to Kent, or if you believe that your home is starting to look unloved, you might be considering giving your rooms the makeover that they deserve. There are many ways that you can breathe life back into your home and create a space that looks and feels brand new again. Here are some of the top methods.


  • Install New Windows


Windows can easily become chipped and worn due to the harsh impact of the weather. However, the appearance of your windows can impact both the interior and exterior of your home, and it can even put off potential buyers when you come to sell your property. To make sure that your home can appear inviting, and to minimise the chance of unappealing spots of mould, you should consider installing new windows. At, their wooden fixtures can make sure that your home has excellent kerb appeal.


  • Repaint Your Walls and Skirtings


Although it might sound simple, repainting your walls and skirtings can make a considerable amount of difference to the overall look of your rooms. Walls can often become easily damaged by day-to-day life, paint colours fall out of fashion, and darker shades might hinder the brightness and appeal of your room. By repainting them in a vivid, neutral colour, your house can look as good as it did when you first moved in. 


  • Replace Your Soft Furnishings 


The easiest way to transform your home and give it a vastly different theme is to replace all of your soft furnishings. Soft furnishings can easily be removed from your rooms and are relatively inexpensive to buy compared to new furniture suites. By installing new curtains, cushions, blankets, and throws, you will be able to give your home a completely new feel and sense of style.


  • Upgrade Your Furniture


Upgrading your furniture is a great way to restyle your home without having to pay out thousands of pounds for a new suite. To do this, you should consider upcycling your pieces, such as installing new material onto dining room chairs. You might also want to start your own shabby chic project, where you can create the vintage look that you have been longing for.


  • Install Storage Facilities and Shelving 


One of the reasons that your home may look shabby and dull is because it is disorganised. Installing storage facilities and shelving can help you to create a minimalist room without the scattered possessions that have previously typified it. Not only this but having generous storage facilities will also help you to clean and declutter your space well, while shelving units can allow you to create more space on the tops of your cupboards and tables.

Transforming your home can be difficult, especially on a limited budget. Whether you convert your attic or simply buy a few houseplants, there are many ways that you can spruce up your décor and make your home an attractive space that you are willing to spend time within.















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