UK’s biggest lust and ick colours revealed

The overall survey revealed that not only was black the kinkiest colour, but also that black clothing and lingerie made people feel the most confident when dressing for a date! 

Emma comments “There’s something quite universal about black in terms of what it represents in fashion and the same for interiors and the design world too. Black in design is dramatic and definitely

creates a feeling of certainty. Most of its good traits are linked to confidence, intelligence and sexiness. It’s the sense of power and sophistication which all lean into the romantic desires we want / need or crave? Individual reactions to black can still vary widely, sometimes cultural associations or sometimes just simply shaped by your own personal experiences and personal preferences.” 

For those hoping to get lucky this Valentine’s setting the scene has never been more important! 78% of those surveyed agreed that a dreamy bedroom scheme gets you in the mood – so it’s time to invest in a calming and sensual space (and maybe a few flower petals!!) 

And for things to avoid this Valentine’s 54% of those surveyed said the colour brown is their biggest “ick”! 

Emma Colour expert and YesColours Founder comments “As much as brown represents earth’s soil, warmth and naturally grounding, it can be seen as a suppressor of more exciting emotions such passion, confidence and affection. It lacks that rejuvenating kick we all need sometimes, so in a world where we want to stay positive, need energy and feel good about ourselves – brown is probably too reliable, dull and safe to conjure up something exciting for when you are in the mood!”


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