Unveiling the Myths: A True Look at Kentish Life

Welcome to Kent, the Garden of England! You’ll hear all sorts of tales about how we talk, live, and even cross the Dartford Bridge. So, let’s set the record straight and sift through these myths. It’s time to peel back the layers of hearsay and give you the real lowdown on what it’s like living in this charming corner of England.

Myth 1: Everyone in Kent Speaks with a Strong Kentish Accent

There’s a widespread idea that a strong Kentish accent marks every Kent resident. In reality, while the region does have its own accent, it’s not uniform across the county. The way people speak in Kent varies from one area to another, much like the landscape itself.

Myth 2: Kent Locals Live for the Beach

The image of Kentish folk as die-hard beachgoers is another common myth. Sure, coastal spots like Margate’s Main Sands are beloved, but not everyone in Kent spends their free time at any of best beaches on offer.

Myth 3: Kentish Only Eat Seafood

Apparently, we Kent folk can’t get enough of our seafood. There’s some truth here – with all the fresh catch from the seaside towns, it’s hard not to love a bit of fish and chips. But let’s not forget, our food scene is very much varied!

Myth 4: People from Kent County are too Nostalgic

A common myth is that folks in Kent are overly nostalgic, yearning for the ‘good old days.’ While it’s true that we cherish our history and have a soft spot for past times, we’re just as focused on the present and the future. 


Take our bingo halls, for instance – they’ve been a hub of community fun for ages and remain popular today. Even with the rise of bingo games online, these local gathering spots still capture the essence of Kentish social life. So, while we do look back fondly, we’re equally engaged in today’s evolving lifestyle.

Myth 5: Kent Residents Universally Despise the Dartford Crossing

Often, people say we despise the Dartford Crossing. It’s fair, given its notorious traffic. But it’s not all doom and gloom; this bridge is our gateway to Essex and beyond. A necessary evil, if you will.

Myth 6: Kent Is Merely a Commuter Belt for London

Many believe that Kent serves solely as a commuter belt for London, with all locals daily flocking to trains bound for the city. While towns like Ashford and Tonbridge are indeed commuter hotspots, this is not the whole picture. Many people live and work within the county itself.

Myth 7: Kent is All About a Slow-Paced, Easy-Going Lifestyle

Some reckon Kent is all slow-paced and easy-going. In reality, Kent has its own hustle and bustle and the daily life of residents can be as dynamic and fast-paced as anywhere else. The difference perhaps lies in our approach: we handle our busyness with a bit more friendly banter.


So, there you have it! Kent isn’t just a patchwork of old tales and clichés. It’s a vibrant place with its own quirks, sure, but also with a depth and diversity that defies simple labels. From our accent (or lack thereof) to our bustling towns and quiet beaches, life here is just how we like it.

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