Useful Tips On How To Improve Your Customer Online Shopping Experience


Online shopping is becoming a preferred method of shopping today around the world. It is very convenient and economical since you can easily order anything you want sitting on the couch and it will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassles of going to a store, standing in line, etc.


Therefore, eCommerce companies should focus on delivering a pleasant and convenient shopping experience, to make their customers more satisfied and stand out in a competitive market. This article will give you several useful tips on how to improve your customer’s online shopping experience and make them return to your store.

Pay Attention To Your Shipping And Packaging

Shipping and packaging are the first things a customer notices when receiving their order, therefore you should pay attention to this aspect as it leaves a good impression on the customer. Therefore, always make sure that your boxes or envelopes are neat and sturdy, with no labels or ads trying to promote your brand outside of the package. If you use plastic bags for packaging, they must be sealed properly so as not to show any part of what is inside unless it is necessary.  


Another important thing about shipping and packaging is ensuring that your customer receives his/her order as soon as possible after making payment. So, if the delivery will take some time to arrive, especially if you are shipping from UK to US, you should send a confirmation email to tell them that their order is on its way so they know when to expect it. Your customer will appreciate this form of courtesy and it will be reflected in the positive comments they might leave for you if their order arrives without any problems.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Since the main mode of communication between your business and your customers is through your website, you should make sure that it is as user-friendly as possible. For example, if a customer wants to order from you but cannot find what they are looking for on your online store, do not keep them hanging there since this will end up frustrating them and losing a potential customer. Make sure that each page of your website has all the details a customer might want to know about a product, such as size, color, shipping information, etc. And again, always include images of each item with detailed descriptions so that the customer can get a clear idea of what they are buying before hitting ‘add to cart.


Also, try putting some animation or sound effects on your website. This will make it fun and entertaining for your customers, especially the children who are often interested in websites with animations or sound effects since they like things that are new to them.

Provide Better Customer Support And Communication

Many online stores provide their e-mail address where customers can send questions about their order, what is the status of their order etc. So when you receive an email from a customer asking these types of questions, answer them as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours maximum depending on your business type. If you cannot respond to all emails in this period, try hiring more people so that you will be able to provide better support and communication with your customers regarding any orders they might have placed with you through your website.


You may also utilize a  live chat feature on your website where a customer can send questions to you about their order directly online. This is especially useful for customers with multiple questions who cannot wait 24 hours without any response from the company they are doing business with, or if they do not wish to leave an email.

Include A Review System

Customer reviews are important for all businesses, but especially for online stores because they can give insight to potential customers about the quality of your products and services. Encourage your customers to leave honest online reviews on your website or send them through email by informing them what you expect from them in their reviews. This will make it easier for you because if a customer leaves a detailed review, you will not have to waste time emailing them back and forth asking for more information.


Another good way in which you can utilize customer reviews is on your product pages. On your website, you could include a tab on each product page where customers can read reviews left by other customers who have bought that same item from you previously. This will help potential customers understand the quality of your products and the level of satisfaction other customers have felt when they bought something from you. 

Offer Promotions And Discounts

Your customers expect to see some kind of promotions when purchasing from you so it is up to you to decide what kind of promotions they would most likely be interested in. For example, if your website is mainly for children’s products, offer some kind of discount for buying a certain amount of items at once. Or for women’s clothing stores, you may offer free shipping on all orders above $100. You can even mix these kinds of promotions to create new offers that are more creative.


As the old saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life, so do not hesitate to offer a combination of different types of promotions as this will help you bring more customers into your online store. For instance, you can have a buy 5 get 1 free offer for children’s toys, but also give a special Christmas shopping discount where customers who buy $100 worth of items will get a special gift. This way you receive business from not just one customer type, but also two, and the gifts you offer to these customers may be different. 

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

As more customers use their mobile devices for online shopping, your website must work seamlessly across all browsers (mainly mobile) so that they can easily shop on your site whenever they like. If a customer goes to your website and it is not optimized for mobile or they have trouble buying things, this may cause them to abandon their cart before completing their purchase.


So you should make it as easy as possible for your customers by making your main shopping cart page clickable so that anyone will be able to shop from there without any problems. You can also create a separate mobile page on your website where customers can view the products available in your online store conveniently from their mobile devices. Finally, if you already have a functional online store, try adding a call-to-action button on all pages of your site encouraging visitors to use this option while browsing.


Taking the time to improve your customer online shopping experience will help you retain more customers and increase the number of people who visit your site. It is very easy for customers to decide against buying products or services after visiting a website so it is up to you to do everything in your power to keep them satisfied with their purchase and encourage them to come back soon for more. With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are doing the best job possible in providing excellent customer service that will result in more loyal customers.

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