Valentine’s Day 2021: 5 gift ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Don’t worry if you have forgotten or are in a panic. We have come up with a list of some of the perfect presents for both him and her to make you look like Cupid himself. 


Perfume has always been and will always be a romantic and sensual gift. The Perfume Shop who have been around for more than 25 years have a fantastic range guaranteed to make a lasting impression. You can also save money by using a The Perfume Shop discount code.


If you want your perfume choice to stand out, literally, then take a look at Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Stiletto. This perfume is beautifully presented in a bottle that is shaped like a stiletto heel. 


Not only is the bottle stunning and will look great on any dressing table but it smells amazing. There are different variants in different scents and the bottles are all different colours. 


The original bottle is a patent red stiletto. Red is the colour of seduction, the colour of love and passion. Show her how you feel this February 14th, ignite the desire with this olfactory delight! Make her feel scentsational! 

You can even have the bottle engraved to make it even more special and personal. It can be just their initials or a bespoke message. 


How about perfume for him? Want to try something a little bit more different and fresher, but still sexy? Then try Colonia Intensa by Acqua Di Parma with its unique spicy essence. The subtle hints of lemon, ginger and bergamot give off a fresh zesty feel and just ooze masculinity. This scent will make any man seem like an Italian stallion who will whisk you away to live La Dolce Vita. Fuel the passion with this fresh, clean scent that will transport you to olive groves and lemon trees in your mind. 


The Perfume Shop also offers those little extra touches like gift wrapping, a teddy or some chocolates. If they are not into perfume or are just fussy then why not get them a Monogrammed Passport Sleeve,in luxury leather. It is available in 9 different colours and will keep your passport safe and clean. Pair this with a Monogrammed Luggage Tag in a matching colour. If you were a couple that loved to travel this will give you hope that things will get back to normal and you will be travelling to far off lands soon enough.


St. Valentine’s Day was associated with St. Valentine who is said to have married Christian soldiers who were unable to marry. It is also believed that he gave the sight back to his jailer’s blind daughter and left her a note in which he signed it “Your Valentine”. This is where the tradition of leaving notes for your crush is said to come from. It is also in the middle of February right when things start blooming. After a long Winter things are beginning to come alive giving hope to people and making them more romantic.

For the romantic couple the personalised “Why I love You” book is the ideal gift. You can personalise up to 100 illustrated pages to tell them exactly why you love them.

What about a Custom Star Map? Get a map of the stars the night that you realised they were the one, Maybe it was your first kiss, first dance or the day you said I love you. Mark it forever with a map of the stars that day.

Remember Valentine’s Day is but once a year but true love lasts forever.









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