Ways Labels Can Benefit Your Brand

Some businesses treat their product and packaging labels like afterthought admin. However, utilised properly, each label can be a golden opportunity to strengthen your brand reputation. 

It’s a time of turmoil for labelling products. For example, businesses in the food industry are calling for change, lobbying for clearer rules to follow on label rules in their sector. While there’s confusion, it’s the consumer that suffers as a result of any inadequacies. 

How can you improve your labelling so that it pleases everyone? What strategies here give your brand the biggest boost? Read on for more. 

Make Labels Biodegradable

Eco-friendliness is part of many people’s value systems today. Some won’t make any purchase if it’s not green. Biodegradable labels have provable benefits. Their use means less waste goes to landfill sites that are already under strain. A company’s carbon footprint can also be chipped away at. When the labels break down, they won’t contaminate groundwater or soil; they become natural elements instead of various chemicals. 

Fortunately, many biodegradable sticky labels are available to businesses today. They’re available from the aptly named Sticky Labels, who’ve been plugging away at the label game since 1973. They provide free samples of their goods and quickly dispatch those pertaining to purchases, ensuring businesses have the labels they need to lead a green revolution. 

Feature QR Codes

QR codes are a brilliant addition to a firm’s labelling policy. They enable the product on the shelf to provide a more dynamic experience to the consumer, even when it’s not purchased. If you don’t know what a QR code is, it’s a square-shaped barcode that a person’s smartphone device can scan. It comes in a sticky label form too! Once scanned, it can redirect consumers to company websites, certain sales promotions, or any other digital domain the company deems suitable. 

Therefore, it can be said that QR codes provide an experience for the person scanning them. They can instantly find additional information about a product or service without rummaging through pages of Google searches. It helps people feel more informed, builds trust, and ensures businesses aren’t limited by the space on regular printed labels when sharing information. The sky’s the limit with a QR code!

Double-Down on Brand Consistency

It’s a simple point to end on, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked; labels are a perfect opportunity to reinforce brand consistency. They’re numerous, and because of that, they establish a promising throughline of core values and transparency. 

Consumers often look at labels to ‘catch out’ the business they’re contemplating working with. Does the label information match social media marketing? Have there been exaggerations in the marketing? You might be surprised at how much more conscious people are of the products they buy, more often wishing to know where they’re made and how. So, labels aren’t fine print that nobody looks at – they’re an active selling point for your company. 

Unfortunately, some food manufacturers have to act so fast that they change ingredients in their products without changing the label information in tandem. It can lead to a series of messy circumstances, break consumer goodwill, and show that profit edges ahead of people’s safety in terms of priorities.

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