Ways to Deal with Hair Loss

Most people will lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs from their heads daily, which is normal. Unfortunately, sudden or gradual thinning or balding can cause a person to panic, as they might worry about no longer feeling confident in their appearance.

Male and female pattern baldness tends to run in families. Still, it can be an underlying symptom of a medical condition, such as stress, iron deficiency, weight loss, or cancer treatment.

Whatever the reason for losing your hair, you are likely eager to restore your locks or boost your self-esteem. If so, here are some helpful ways to deal with hair loss.

Go for a Hair Transplant

If you have permanent hair loss or thinning, you might be suitable for a hair transplant. It is one of the best hair loss treatment options available, as a surgeon will take hair from thicker areas of your scalp and redistribute them to thinning or balding spots. It is an innovative way to restore your hair to its former glory, ensuring you feel more confident each day. 

However, a hair transplant isn’t always the best path for some, as you might be ineligible if you are bald, have the wrong hair type, or experienced hair loss due to stress, or cancer treatment, or aren’t the right age for the procedure. If so, you would be wise to consider the below solutions.

Take Hair Loss Medication

If you are experiencing male or female pattern baldness, you could prevent or stop thinning or baldness by taking a hair loss medication. However, you must remember that the medication isn’t designed for hair growth. It may rejuvenate your hair shaft growth, especially along the crown of your head, but it might not improve the front of your hairline.

Those experiencing male or female pattern baldness could benefit from taking Finasteride or Minoxidil, which may improve regrowth and prevent additional hair loss. However, the treatments don’t work for everyone, and women should never use Finasteride, as it’s only suitable for men.

Consider Advanced Tricho Pigmentation

If you are not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant or don’t want to take hair loss medications, consider an Advanced Tricho Pigmentation procedure. The procedure is similar to receiving a tattoo, as a skilled technician will create natural pigments on your scalp to replicate hair follicles. Once the procedure is complete, you will look as if you have real hair follicles on your scalp, making it an ideal solution for people with no hair or bald patches.

Wear a Synthetic or Real Hair Wig

If the above procedures don’t match your needs, you could always wear a synthetic or real hair wig. If you choose a synthetic wig, it will likely last between six to nine months, but it might feel hot and itchy when worn for many hours. However, it might be worth paying extra for a more expensive real hair wig, which typically lasts three to four years and may look more natural than synthetic options. It’s an ideal option when experiencing temporary hair loss, such as undergoing one or more cancer treatments.

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