What Are The Best Entry-Level Roles To Apply For? 


Getting your foot in the door can be the hardest part when looking for work. Once you’re on the career ladder, you’ll find that when you work hard and do your job well, you’ll likely climb it over time, and that process is much easier than the arduous task of getting your first role.


Some careers are a lot harder to get into than others and require specialist training, qualifications, and more. These roles are likely to pay more but require a lot of effort and dedication.


If you’re looking to get into work now and are happy being at the bottom of the ladder, here are some great entry-level roles to consider.


Junior Copywriter


The starting salary for a Junior Copywriter can be pretty low when compared to other industries, starting from £18,000 – £20,000, depending on the company. This role will have you writing and potentially editing all forms of content, working under a Content Manager.


To qualify for this role, having a degree in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism will be beneficial, although it’s not essential if you can demonstrate good writing ability.


The reason why this is a good entry-level role to get into is that you have a lot of options in terms of where your career can go from here.


You can climb the ranks of a copywriter and work to become a senior writer, and you can also transition to become an editor. If your copywriting role is digital based, it can also be a good springboard into digital marketing, which is turning into a lucrative industry.


So although the starting salary can be pretty low, if you get in early in your career, it can be a good role to help you climb the industry.


Junior Front End Developer


A front-end developer builds the parts of websites that are visible and what users interact with, and this role is great for those who are creative yet who also have a technical eye.


Becoming a front-end developer can be tough, as you’ll need to know a lot of code and web design fundamentals. However, the easier way to enter this industry is to become a junior front-end developer. This entry-level role will help you to learn things in-house, and the requirements needed to get the position is a lot less than more senior positions.


Teaching Assistant


To get into education, you’ll usually have to do a lot of studying to get qualified. This can take a significant amount of time, and the education can put you in a lot of debt.


An option to quickly get into education is to become a teaching assistant. The requirements are far less strict when compared to becoming a full-time teacher, and the experience earned in this role can be used to shorten the education you need if you are to become full-time.




Many great entry-level roles can allow you to kick-start a good career. Consider these suggestions to help you enter the job market and thrive.



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