What are the most popular American football Wagers?


The NFL season is upon us, and if you’re a fan of the sport, you might be wondering what types of wagers are available. Fortunately, there are plenty. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most popular American football wagers and show you how they work as well as how to place them online at one of the recommended sportsbooks. As always the best NFL betting sites are those that you find most suitable to your needs and preferences. 

The Money Line

The Money Line is a type of wager that determines the winner of a game based on the point spread, with no regard to the teams’ respective records. The Money Line is also known as the straight-up line because it doesn’t take into account any other factors like home-field advantage or experience.

The Point Spread is a type of wager that determines the winner of a game based on the point spread, with no regard to who wins between two specific teams (or how many points they win by).

Point Spread

The point spread is one of the most popular football bets, and it’s also one of the simplest to understand. In addition to being a good way for casual bettors to get involved in betting on American football, it’s also an excellent option for more experienced players looking for something different from their usual bets.

The point spread works like this: before each game, oddsmakers will set a line that reflects how much they expect one team will win over another team (or lose by). For example, if there are two teams playing against each other–Team A and Team B–and you want to bet on Team A winning by three points or more (meaning they would win by four points), then your odds would be +110; meanwhile, if you were backing Team B under those conditions (-110). This means that if your wager wins (in our case), then you’ll receive 110% of whatever money was risked; however if it loses…well…you lose everything!

Head to Head

Head to Head bets are a common NFL wager, and they’re easy to understand. Head to Heads allows you to bet on the outcome of two teams in a game. For example, if you want to know who will win between the Packers and Vikings this Sunday (and you do), then you can make that bet with head-to-head betting lines. You can also use head-to-head bets for single games or series when there aren’t any spreads involved yet because those numbers won’t be released until later in the week leading up to kickoff time for each contest’s respective matchup(s).

Head-to-Head odds vary depending on where you place your wagers online: some sites offer better payouts than others–but at least one thing remains consistent across all platforms: You’ll need money before placing these kinds of bets so as not to risk losing out on potential profits from other types such as spread or total lineups instead!

First Scoring Play

First scoring play wagers are a popular way to bet on an individual play. A first scoring play wager is when you predict which team will score first, or if the game goes into overtime and you’re betting on which team will score in OT.

For example: Team A wins the toss and elects to receive. The ball is kicked off by Team B, who runs it back for a touchdown! You’ve just won your money! Or maybe not…if there was a field goal attempt at any point during this scenario then your bet would have been lost as well because neither team scored first nor did they tie each other up with another score within the same drive (or series).

Over/Under Market

To bet on over/under, you have to pick a number between 0 and 99. If the total points scored by both teams in a game fall above or below that number, then you win. For example, if you choose 42 as your over/under line and the final score is 49-45 (six points), then you’ll win because it was greater than 42.

What are some popular over/under lines? Well, there are tons of different sportsbooks out there with varying odds on each event–and even more wagers for each sport–but here are some common ones:

  • NFL – 27-24 (-110)
  • NBA – 244 (-110)

Prop Bets

Prop bets are a form of betting where you have to predict the outcome of a specific event. Prop bets are often offered by online sportsbooks, and some popular ones include:

  • Who will score first?
  • Which player will score the most touchdowns?
  • Who will complete more passes?

Prop Bets can be based on any number of things, and it’s up to you how much time and effort you want to put into researching them before placing your bet. Some people prefer using their gut instinct when making these types of wagers; others prefer doing extensive research beforehand so that they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into!

NFL Wagers are popular among sports bettors worldwide

NFL is the most popular sport in the US, and it’s no surprise that NFL Wagers are popular among sports bettors worldwide. In fact, they’re so popular that there are multiple types of bets you can make on any given game:

  • Straight bets – betting on who will win outright (i.e., “Team A” or “Team B”) or which team will cover a spread (i.e., if Team A wins by more than 7 points).
  • Parlays – combining two or more straight bets together with the potential to multiply your payout if all components win their respective games (for example, if a parlay includes three straight wagers and one team covers its spread).
  • Teasers – Adjust point spreads by adding/subtracting points from both sides of a matchup before placing your wager(s).


The NFL is a great sport to bet on and there are many ways to make money with your wagers. The most popular NFL Wagers are the Money Line, Point Spread, Head-to-Head, First Scoring Play, Over/Under Market, and Prop Bets.

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