What Makes a Premium Care Home?

What Makes a Premium Care Home?

Choosing a care home for a loved one is a big decision. After all, the facility you select will determine the standard of care and support your relative will receive, their quality of life, and their transition to the new surroundings.

As you will want to make an informed decision, research the must-have amenities and features when browsing the care home options near your loved one. Keep reading to find out what makes a premium care home.

Flexible Care

Different seniors will have different healthcare needs. While some might suffer from minor mobility issues, others will struggle to complete various everyday tasks or require additional help and support. For this reason, you would be wise to pick a care home that offers different packages. Look for a care home that offers nursing home facilities and dementia care. The facility can then quickly adapt to your loved one’s changing needs with ease, if necessary.

A Community Atmosphere

Every care home resident deserves to be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. A premium care home will take steps to hire compassionate, caring staff members of all levels. Find a care home that not only meets its residents’ daily needs but creates an atmosphere of community and friendship. You can then relax in the knowledge that your loved one will receive the finest care from dedicated professionals.

Exceptional Facilities

A premium care home will not confine a resident to their room. It will encourage them to socialise with others, care for their mental wellbeing, and develop a healthy routine each day. For example, signature-care-homes.co.uk not only provides nursing home and dementia care facilities, but it offers an onsite restaurant, a relaxing café, cosy lounges, a library, a hair salon, spa bathrooms, and a therapy room. It could help your aging relative make the most of their senior years while receiving 24-hour support.

Stimulating Daily Activities

Seniors need to keep their minds and bodies active each day to prevent cognitive decline and the development of health conditions, such as dementia or heart disease. 

A premium care home understands the importance of good mental and physical health, which is why they will often organise stimulating daily activities. Look for a care home that provides fun outings, crafts, entertainers, and clubs. Also, they should listen to residents’ wishes to ensure there are activities to suit different interests and preferences.

Glowing Reviews

Many care homes can claim to be compassionate, supportive, and comfortable, yet residents and their loved ones might disagree. For this reason, you would be wise to read as many reviews as possible on a care home to make the correct choice for your loved one. Look for a facility with a fantastic review score on carehome.co.uk and that features glowing, honest comments from residents or their loved ones. 

Moving a loved one into a care home is bound to be upsetting. However, a premium facility will ensure they have a smooth transition and feel right at home as soon as possible.









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