What measures are being implemented to keep Kent schools safe?

Ensuring the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors will always be a top priority for head teachers and school leaders. However, with reports suggesting that teachers across the country are experiencing an increase in challenging and violent behaviour, many schools are taking the initiative to modernise and improve existing security measures.


When designing effective school security systems, it’s important to strike a balance between safety and subtlety. School environments must remain focused on education above all else. 

This means security technologies and policies must be both unobtrusive and non-disruptive.


Thankfully, Kent schools can take advantage of recent advancements in security technology to achieve these goals while protecting students and staff from threats. To understand how, let’s take a look at some interesting measures being implemented to keep Kent schools safe.

AI security cameras 

CCTV cameras are an essential part of any effective school security system. Affording staff a holistic view of the property to make sure potential threats are identified quickly. However, in busy school environments, constantly watching camera feeds isn’t always a realistic option.


AI security cameras help to fix this issue. Using built-in AI video analytics software, installed cameras can automatically identify suspicious activities like crowds forming in unusual areas or people acting erratically. If such events are identified, teachers will be instantly alerted and asked to respond accordingly, enabling staff to dramatically reduce incident response times.

School vape detectors

Vaping in schools is becoming a significant problem across the UK. Recent reports show as many as 20.5% of British children aged 11-17 have tried vaping in the last few years. While 75% of teachers claim to have witnessed a notable increase in vaping over the same period.


As it’s not always possible to station staff at hotspots to deter vaping incidents, schools are turning to the use of smart technologies. School vape detectors feature specialised sensors designed to automatically detect telltale aerosols in e-cigarette vapour. Once triggered, staff are sent a report detailing the time and location of the event to ensure an informed response.

Access control systems 

Alongside protecting staff and students from internal disturbances, schools must have plans in place to prevent unauthorised intruders from causing harm. While traditional mechanical locks provide some degree of protection, issues can arise if access points are accidentally left unsecured, or if no accurate accounts of incoming and outgoing visitors are recorded.


Electronic access control systems help to address these issues. Authorised individuals are issued personalised credentials used to grant access to different areas of the site. If no such credentials are presented, doors will remain secured at all times. In addition, accurate logs of access events are automatically recorded to help staff review suspicious activities effectively.

Integrated security systems 

To improve the efficacy of individual security technologies, many schools are choosing to explore integrations and automated responses. This enables devices like cameras, alarms, sensors and access systems to be linked together and programmed to inform the operation of the wider system. Integrated security systems essentially allow for immediate responses.


For example, if an AI camera spots a disturbance, nearby doors can be locked and alarms can be triggered automatically. This ensures potential threats are addressed as quickly and appropriately as possible, helping staff to mitigate the impact of threats across the property.


Creating and maintaining a safe environment for staff, students and visitors will always rank as a top priority for school leaders. However, reliably detecting, deterring and responding to security threats in busy school environments can be incredibly challenging.


To help teachers and school leaders ensure their sites remain safe and secure, old security measures must be updated. With support from smart solutions such as AI security cameras, vape detectors, access control systems and intelligent integrations, Kent schools are being transformed to better address modern threats so that students can stay focused on learning.

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