Where To Put a Home Sauna – The Basics


Most people think for a long time when coming up with a place to put a home sauna. The decision is important as saunas often take up lots of space and are harder to move to another area. So let’s explore that problem in more detail:

Where To Put A Home Sauna Basics

For placing a home sauna there are considerations: do you want to place the sauna outdoors or indoors? And do you have sufficient electricity available at the spot you’re installing the sauna? And, what about privacy – you don’t want to have your neighbours peek at your naked body whenever you’re enjoying a sauna session.


So, generally, you’ll want a room where there’s ample space. Naturally, many people will gravitate to the bathroom but for an infrared sauna that’s not always the best option. Remember that an infrared sauna doesn’t generate any steam or hot air. Therefore, you can also place the sauna in your bedroom or garage as there’s no need to deal with hot air.


Also, for the biggest 4-person infrared saunas you’ll require a little over 3,000 Watts of energy. In most homes, it’s possible to connect such a 4-person sauna to the normal energy grid. If you were choosing a traditional sauna such as a Finnish sauna, you’d often require changes in the electricity system of your house to deal with the increased energy consumption.


Then there’s the issue of privacy. As stated before, you’ll want to enjoy the sauna alone and with your friends, without neighbors being able to watch you. For an outdoor sauna, however, that becomes somewhat harder in many cases.


And, generally, many people prefer to place their sauna close to the bathroom for shower access. If you place an infrared sauna very far away from your shower, you’ll have to walk over to the shower while heavily sweating, which many people consider inconvenient.


Then, lastly, you’ll need sufficient space. The biggest 4-person sauna we offer is 2 metres high, 1.80m wide, and 1 metre deep. A smaller unit, such as the 1 Person Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna, has a width of a little over a metre and a depth of a little under a metre. The height equals the bigger infrared sauna models at 2 metres.


Not everyone has that kind of space in their homes. And, if that’s the case for you, consider the following solution:

Portable Saunas: The Secret Weapon

So here’s the issue: many people simply don’t have the space for a full sauna. In that case, there’s an amazing solution nowadays: the portable sauna. Our Clearlight® Dome is a premium-version of a portable sauna that takes up very little space. And even though the model is extremely small, the therapeutic effects are second to none. 


In some scientific studies, this very infrared sauna model was used to reach maximal increases in what is medically called “core body temperatures” of participants. So even though the model is small, you’ll still sweat harder than in the hottest place on earth and get all the therapeutic benefits.


Also, the portable sauna is easily transferable. So you can use the portable sauna in the bedroom one day, take it to your friends’ place the next day so that they can try it, and use it in the living room while listening to a podcast on another day.


Conclusion: Portable Saunas Are A Game-Changer

Everyone can enjoy a health-promoting infrared sauna session. Depending on your resources and goals, many different options exist for placing an infrared sauna in your home. Budget, available space, how you’ll want to use a sauna, all play a major role. 


And, fortunately, since a few years ago, the portable saunas have been a game-changer. Why? Simple: not having space available or fewer financial means no longer matter as much.

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