Where To Watch FIFA World Cup In Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

FIFA has already confirmed the World Cup 2022 dates, which are less than a month from now. It will be the shortest World Cup with respect to the number of days since 1978 when just 16 countries were competing, or half the number there are currently. The tournament will be hosted in Qatar, will start on November 21, 2022, and end by December 18, making it the shortest World Cup since 1978.


It is a tournament shrouded in controversy and dissatisfaction, with one aspect being the fact that it is being held in the middle of the European football calendar, rather than being held at the end as it would traditionally be in the Summer months.


Nonetheless, international players will now leave their club teams in one of the busiest times to compete in a competition with 32 teams that is compressed into 28 days. Additionally, it implies that the foreign teams who have qualified for the competition will have less time to prepare for the World Cup, which might lower the level of play.


There is no doubt that British football fans will be looking forward to the tournament, as it is one of the biggest events to take place, especially as it only happens once a year. Fans up and down the United Kingdom, let alone just the county of Kent, will be looking forward to being able to head to their favourite bars and enjoy each of the games that take place, while also enhancing their experiences by placing bets on the games, too.


Indeed, with sports betting a popular pastime in the country, there are many that enjoy a little flutter on the football each time a game is being played, and there is no doubt that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be another opportunity that many will grab with two hands.


This is because fans are always highly excited to bet on their favourite teams. And, with some incredible World Cup 2022 betting odds already being made available ahead of the tournament’s start, there are many that are already exploring the possible options that they have. This includes looking at the market of the favourites and those that could potentially take home the title from Qatar this winter, with many hoping England are able to do it for the first time in 56 years.


Thankfully, for punters living in the Garden of England who wish to get the best experiences when watching this year’s edition of the competition, they are able to enjoy the World Cup tournaments in a number of the best sports bars that are possible to find in Canterbury. These are as follows:


One of Canterbury’s oldest and most reputable sports taverns is Alberrys. Alberrys has warmly welcomed residents and tourists for more than 30 years. Football fans love to visit here to watch games on Television. It is Canterbury’s top late-night entertainment and lunch spot because of this and its committed crew. It is best at beverages, which is its speciality.


They may have Kent’s most comprehensive selection of spirits and a fantastic wine collection. The largest and greatest selection of rums you’re ever going to find this side of the Caribbean is what steals the show at Alberrys, while they also offer a cocktail menu to match any bar.

The Penny Theatre

The Penny Theatre has every feature a sports bar could have. A superb assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a friendly and lively ambience, and a tasty and reasonably priced menu. The Penny Theatre also provides free, quick Wi-Fi, charging stations for phones behind the bar, and online printing capabilities if you need to print a few pages.


The bar of the Falstaff hotel has a great environment with banter on both sides of the bar and a beautiful sports vibe throughout, as well as fantastic drinks that are created from scratch and served with lots of flairs. The Falstaff enables a pleasant evening out with friendly people. The drinks are very competitively priced, and if you want a non-cocktail drink, the staff is courteous and will display it elegantly.

The Seven Stars

A welcoming and lively bar with events occurs every night of the week, with cheap drinks starting on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. The remainder of the time, though, the Seven Stars won’t empty your bank account! The Seven Stars is a great spot to start an evening or end an evening because it is located adjacent to The Ballroom bar and nightclub. To make the evening as exciting as possible, The Seven Stars hosts DJs and artists regularly. TVs broadcast live sports, comfy seats, and pool tables.

The Black Griffin

Whether there is live music or a DJ to provide entertainment, the mood at The Black Griffin is always positive. Given the pub’s downtown location, the helpful staff offers a broad selection of beverages at reasonable prices. It has a wonderful sports vibe, and fans can enjoy watching their favourite teams play at this bar. A variety of classic English foods are also available at The Black Griffin, including the Ploughman’s lunch, sausage and mashed potatoes, and beef and ale pie.


By keeping an eye out for our simple tips, you can ensure that you will have the best sports bar experience in Canterbury. These establishments are all outstanding, but finding the one that works for you takes just a short amount of research.

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