Why is buying a Used Car Smart?

For many people buying a new car is a dream, and this is understandable. Being the first one to drive a vehicle, enjoying that new car smell, watching the mileage tick up and knowing that you are responsible for all of it: all of these are some of life’s little pleasures. But did you realise that there are almost more good reasons to buy a second-hand car than there are for buying a brand new one? Let us have a look at these:

Information is King

When a car is new, it is unknown. There may be manufacturer faults that have not yet presented themselves, either in the individual car or in the whole production line. Buying a car that has been in the public domain for a while means that these flaws and faults will usually have been picked up and the vehicles recalled or repaired, leaving only fully operational vehicles still on the road. There will also be a number of product reviews detailing the manufacturer promises against the actual performance of the vehicle, so you can ensure that your dream car will meet all your hopes and requirements before you buy.

Design Improvements Mean Vehicular Longevity

Modern manufacturing methods (and tests like MOTs along with regular servicing and maintenance) have meant that cars are lasting much longer in excellent driving condition. Many companies, for example, will only use cars during their pre-MOT period, selling them off when they get to three years old and that first MOT is due. In order to get a reasonable price, they will usually get the MOT done while they are waiting for customers to express an interest. This means that you could get your hands on an almost-new car, good for at least seven years trouble-free driving and have no extra costs at all for at least a year – and all for about half the price of a new one!

Great Repairs and Servicing Options

Opting for a popular make and model of vehicle a year or two after its release will almost guarantee that most mechanics are acquainted with the model and will be able to understand its workings, find spares when needed and get you back on the road sooner rather than later. New models, especially if you pre-order your car, may take some time to be well known, which can mean that even a relatively simple service might take quite a while, while spares will have to be sourced from the manufacturer – all adding to your time off the roads.

So these are just some of the reasons for opting for second-hand over new when it comes to picking out a car, in which you can go and get to grips with UK’s popular districts like Kent or Sussex’s unique one-way road system! And remember, if you really want that new car smell, you can buy vehicle air fresheners that will give your vehicle that delightful and evocative scent! After reading this many fears that were keeping you from taking this plunge must have subsided and if you feel you are ready then the first thing to do is find a credible used car dealer. One such second hand car dealer is KAP Motors. They have very rigorous pre-inspection criteria that only the finest cars can pass through. This is to guarantee that the customer gets value for their money. You can get a huge variety of cars like Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, used Nissan Qashqai Tekna at amazing prices from KAP Motors Kent. For details you can call at 01303 228200 or visit their website to book a free test-drive right away!






















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