Why Kent Is the Perfect Place for Your Business

Meta description: Kent is a great place to start or expand your business. From its location to fresh local professionals, choose Kent as the next home for your startup or established company.

Want to escape the high running costs of London while remaining as close as its back garden? Consider Kent to be the home of your new startup or established business. Kent is an exceptional place to house your business for an array of reasons. The successes of companies using Kent as their base is evidence of this.

Here we will take a look at those reasons and put Kent on entrepreneurs’ radars.

  1. Young Talented Professionals

Kent is not just home to flourishing businesses, but it is also home to some excellent academic establishments and top UK universities. This means those setting up businesses in the region can easily attract new young talent and onboard students looking for work placements as part of their course. A company is only as good as its workforce, and you can upgrade yours by publishing jobs on Jobrapido like many other Kentish employers.

  1. Prime Location

Kent is a haven for businesses that want to keep working with London partners, but that is not the only reason why Kent businesses are basking in England’s prime real estate. The area also offers accessible routes to mainland Europe, especially for those business wanting to distribute good overseas. Kent is a unique place that ticks all the boxes when trying to go north, south or west – and the only county where you can drive to Europe.

  1. Keep Costs Down

Earlier it was mentioned that Kent is a cost-effective location for businesses without moving too far away from London. The number speak for themselves. Some commercial spaces, such as offices are almost 60% cheaper than equivalent spaces found in London. Moreover, Kent offices are even 15% less expensive than offices for rent in other areas of the south-east of England.

Staff are cheaper too with the median salary in Kent around £4,000 less expensive than it would be to employ the same level of staff in central London.

  1. Startups Succeed Here

The national averages for startups to succeed after their first year is above average in Kent. A startup in Kent is said to have a survival rate of 93.6%. This may be down to lower costs, talented professionals and location conveniences. Either way, your startup could still be here in 12 months if you choose Kent as a base.

  1. Not Just for Select Industries

A wealth of vastly different industries have proven to succeed in the region. From science and research to farming and creative design businesses, there are lots of varying success stories here. This means Kent is an opportunity for any business, not just select few who rely on location or distribution centres.

Convinced? If you need more reasons to choose Kent as your next business home, come and visit Canterbury and other major towns in Kent, soon!





















































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