Why Taking Control of Your Mental Health Is More Important Than Ever

You will hear it said in any generation that getting control of your mental health is more important than ever before. As absurd as it may sound, this is true at any time, no matter what is going on in the world around you. When there are matters weighing heavily on your body, mind, and yes, your spirit, it’s more important than ever that you get control of what is triggering your malaise. However, there are things going on in society at the moment that are adding to burdens we may already be carrying around. With that said, it’s time to understand why getting control is important and then look at a few things we can do to ease the burden.

Crisis #1: A Global Pandemic

The world is still battling a major pandemic and lives are still being lost. Just when everyone thought they were out of the proverbial water, along comes another variant and sub-variants off those. Some are more highly contagious but less deadly while others are equal to what has gone before. Scientists don’t always agree on treatments and outcomes and even the vaccines are being called into question. Whether you’ve lost someone you love or are concerned for a loved one with co-morbidities, that is a pressure almost more than anyone can bear. 

Sometimes it just helps to let go of worry about what ‘might’ happen by doing something to take your mind off the unknown. Perhaps you could go for walk in the park or a day at the beach. Maybe you could take your mind off things by playing a game or two of slots online. The point is, if there is nothing you can do about it, then don’t let worry be your downfall.

Crisis #2: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Then there is the latest global concern centered on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While nations around the world are sympathetic with Ukraine’s plight and are sending goods and economic relief, no one cares to step in with military assistance because of very real fears of nuclear war

Russia has long since proven that they will use any means necessary, and they are armed, so the concern for WWIII is very, very real. Two major global crises within two years is more than most people can handle without losing a bit of mental fortitude.

The Icing on the Cake: Personal Concerns

Those are examples of global concerns that everyone is dealing with and has been for at least a couple of years. If that wasn’t enough pressure to set even the strongest of us off, we all have personal concerns we are dealing with. It could be relationship problems, an inability to pay bills timely, kids misbehaving, health issues and so many more things that can trigger a mental/emotional event.

With so much going on, it really is more important than ever to get control of your mental health. There are resources out there for anyone who needs the help, but you may not find a mental health clinic in your area. There are, however, online counselling sites you could subscribe to. The bottom line is that at this time and in your life, it is more important than ever. 

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