Why You Should Make The Switch To Loose Leaf Tea

The world is home to billions of tea lovers who have various reasons for consuming different tea types. Some easy-going ones will love any option thrown at them. Others are more strict with loose leaf tea, ensuring they keep up with the art and culture of making tea without losing themselves to emerging trends. Here is why you should make the switch to loose leaf tea.

  • It has better taste.

After steeping for about eight to five minutes, customers carefully remove the leaves with a strainer or tea infuser when they’re sure the hot water has infused the tea flavour. Many seasoned loose tea lovers still favour this tea making process, even with the growing popularity of teabags.


Teabags became more popular as the working population gravitated towards a fast-paced world full of convenience. Manufacturers resorted to crushing whole tea leaves into dust and fannings for easy storage in teabags, reducing the authentic, fresh taste and aroma.


Teabags have a limited flavour expression with a one-dimensional taste. Experts also reveal that bagged teas may come with stems and seeds, making them bitter. The bitterness can be ascribed to the undiscerning power of machine harvesting. In contrast, loose tea harvesting favors less mechanized harvesting methods. Therefore, switching to loose tea leaves guarantees you a more wholesome tea experience. 

  • It’s good for health.

Tea has antioxidants and several anti-inflammatory features which can improve overall wellness. At its topmost quality, tea can bring numerous health and wellness benefits, including protecting heart health and aiding weight loss and digestion. You’re more likely to enjoy these tea health benefits from loose leaf tea than tea bags.


For instance, experts reveal that the primary chemicals supporting green tea’s health properties can be found in the highest concentration of fresh leaves. Teabags lose this quality when the leaves are degraded into dust and fannings. Many experts recommend fresh green tea unadulterated with additives to individuals.

  • It offers more diversity 

Variety is the spice of life, and there can be more to tea than throwing the same tea bags into warm water every day. Loose leaf tea goes beyond black and green tea. Other tea types include white tea, one of the most delicate tea varieties. Each tea type reflects the climate and geography within which the tea was grown and harvested.

  • It’s more sustainable 

The world is moving towards a fast-food culture that produces several tons of waste and deteriorates the health of many individuals. That’s why many individuals and organizations increasingly rally behind the global call for sustainability.


Consuming loose leaf tea can be your little contribution to this sustainability fight. Many tea bags are not compostable, affecting the environment eventually. Loose leaf tea is a move away from these hard to decompose packaging as you can directly throw used loose tea leaves onto the compost heap without any effects.


All in all, loose tea leaves can be the purest way to enjoy your tea. It affords you optimum quality and good health and contributes to environmental sustainability.


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