Widespread Online Casinos Myths that persist 

Myths and rumours seem to cling to gambling businesses. Since the opening of the first casinos, there have been controversies, opposition and heated discussion on whether Free Spins no Deposit casino playing is fair, honest, ethical, safe and so on.

Some of these suspicions are grounded in examples of situations where players have lost money. There is also a good amount of suspicion which does not have any logical basis. Regardless, people tend to not have a lot of trust in gambling providers.

In this article, we take a look at some of the myths surrounding online casinos. We shed some light on these myths and provide informed explanations to bust these myths.

Online casinos launder money and have other illegal sources of income 

There is no evidence of such activities being committed by online casinos. It is highly unlikely that they would get away with such activities since they are regulated and overlooked by government institutions. All the persons that run a licensed gambling business must undergo thorough background checks before a license to operate is provided to them.

Transparency is one of the legal requirements for all gambling businesses.

Online casinos scam players and there is no possibility of winning 

Although there have been cases of misconduct on the casinos’ part in the past, those cases are never taken lightly. There have been some recent cases where casinos have been caught lying or withholding players’ winnings and have been prosecuted accordingly.

Situations like this are rare. Licensed and respectable online casinos operate fairly, openly and safely. All game outcomes are decided by the digital Random-number-generators (RNGs). The technology that the casino uses is tested and checked by independent companies for fairness and performance.

What is more, there are countless stories of famous winners that have won staggering amounts of money going by the millions. With actual evidence that online casino games pay out winnings, there is no reason to believe that winning in an online casino is impossible. 

Anyone can play in online casinos, even children 

This is strictly not true. Any potential player in an online casino has to create an account and get verified before they are allowed to gamble. 

Creating an account only takes a few minutes but the verification process is a little bit more extended: you will have to send your passport or driver’s license as well as proof of your address to the online casino. The verification team will then check your documents and find out if you’re a real person, whether you are using your true identity and whether you are allowed to take part in gambling. It is only if you fit these criteria that the casino will verify your account. 

Children automatically will not pass these checks as they are underage. Therefore, access to gambling online will not be granted to children. 


If you look into the myths surrounding online casinos, you will find that a lot of them do not have any evidence or logical basis. You will find that online casinos are required by the law to operate openly, fairly and safely and there are serious measures put into place to make sure that gambling businesses adhere to these requirements. A lot of myths surrounding online casinos can be easily busted with a little knowledge about the industry and how it is run.








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