Winter car servicing tips – Reduce your chances of breakdown

Living in London or Kent we know that weather can be really unpredictable and we need to be extra cautious while trying to survive cold. It is a known fact that winter can pose a real challenge on your car’s health.

During winters our vehicles are exposed to extreme weather where snow and wet mist can cause corrosion to it.

In order to protect our cars from such difficult conditions we should properly monitor them or take it to a professional car service centre. Without proper care, our cars have a high risk of breaking down in the middle of the road and we don’t want that kind of trouble.

If you want to manually monitor your car for any repairs to be done you can check the following techniques to do so:

Warm up your Engine

You should always check your engine as it is prone to deterioration during winters. Leaving your car standing still during winters can cause the engine to freeze as no proper power is being transferred to it. There is no source that can warm up your engine and provide required energy to it. This will lead to initial corrosion in it leading to a halted engine later causing your car to cause trouble while you start it . What you need to do is , start your engine and leave it running for some time thrice a week as in winter cars require more heat to power up. Also you can put superior quality engine oil in it that will prevent your engine from eroding too soon.

Get your car professionally serviced
At times a driver can not properly inspect the car for any repairs that needs to be done. In such situations especially when cold weather is approaching you should take your vehicle to a proper car servicing garage that will do a thorough inspection of your car and fix it for any repair beforehand. A proper check on your engine, battery , brakes and other exterior parts will be done to make your vehicle winter proof to be driven around town. At first  professional car servicing might seem like an added expense, but think of it as a smart investment and it is only going to help your vehicle in the long run. There are many good car servicing providers to help you maintain your vehicle better. For example in order to avail professional car servicing in London you can go to DAT Tyres garage. They have different type of servicing options & you can choose what works best for you.

Keep your windscreen clear

You know during winter snow and snowflakes at times can cause windscreen to accumulate a mix of mud and water in it hence affecting the drivers road view. To avoid this , you need to first of all clean your window wipers carefully so that no mud is left in it and that when you use it to clean your windshield it clears of the mud and dust in one go and your visual view of the road is not compromised. Another thing is to properly wash off the windshield with a detergent before you are leaving for any journey so that you require using your windscreen wipers less often.

Try to keep extra tyre

During this time of the year there is a likely chance that your car might get stuck in snow or your tyres might wear off causing its quality to deteriorate. For this you should always keep a spare tyre in your car so that in case your journey is halted due to any such unforeseen circumstances you quickly are able to change your tyre and not get stranded on the road waiting for external help. Or to add that extra finish, book in for car detailing.



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