Winter Decorating Advice For Conservatories


Winter is a delightful time of year, with Christmas just around the corner, the possibility of snow days and fireworks shows, all working to create a magical time of the year full of joy and wonder.

One thing however, that isn’t made magical in the Winter is conservatories. In the cold Winter a conservatory turns from a space for relaxation and quiet reflection, into a dark and freezing cold space left empty until the Sun returns.

So, what can you do to decorate your conservatory space for the Winter and turn it into a bright warm space you can use year round? 

Use Conservatory Blinds To Keep The Cold Out

Conservatories are mostly made up of large glass panels, this is perfect in the Summertime for letting in a lot of light and allowing yourself to see outside. But during the cold Wintertime, the large glass panels will allow a lot of cold air to seep inside the conservatory and make it uncomfortably cold inside.

A good way to deal with this, is by installing a quality set of conservatory blinds onto the glass panels, having a blind over the window will create a layer of insulation which will help keep the cold from pouring into your conservatory and help it retain heat more efficiently.

Warm Yourself Up With Luxurious Soft Furnishings

Now that you’ve stopped the cold from leaking into your conservatory, you should look to make some décor choices which will keep you cosy and warm, allowing you to spend more time in your beautiful conservatory.

A good place to start, is by investing in some quality soft furnishings like blankets, sofa throws and rugs. Soft furnishings will all help keep yourself warm, with blankets and throws helping you keep your body heat trapped around you and rugs will create a layer between your feet and the cold floor, so that you don’t get cold feet.

Create A Christmassy Vibe With LED Fairy Lights

One of the best parts of Winter is that Christmas is just around the corner, so what better way is there to decorate your conservatory for the Winter, than by adding some Christmassy touches? You should certainly take some Christmas inspiration, just be careful not to go overboard and turn your conservatory into Santa’s grotto!

The best way to add some Christmas cheer to your conservatory, while also keeping a stylish vibe to the space is to install some LED fairy lights in your conservatory. These lights will keep the conservatory bright during the dark evenings, provide a Christmassy feeling and also provide touches of bold colours as the lights flicker.

Use Additional Lighting To Brighten The Space

As it gets dark much earlier during the Winter, this can make it harder to take advantage of your conservatory space. Conservatories often don’t have built in lighting as they are well lit by the Sun most of the year, but during Winter they can be dark spaces.

But, you can bring light to your conservatory by adding in a few lamps or other lighting to the space, extending the time you can spend inside. A normal table lamp will provide plenty of light, but if you really want to create a good vibe in your space, you should look at using a Sun Lamp, which adds a warm bright light to the space and provide the room with a dreamy glow!

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