Canterbury College: Creating A Greener Future

EKC Group’s Canterbury College is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint, tackle climate change, and prepare young locals for the green economy.

Spearheaded by a unique partnership between its Students’ Union and staff members, Canterbury College is transforming into a pioneering green organisation.

From expanding its use of solar panels and using non-plastic biodegradable cutlery in its on-site cafe, ‘Streetside’, to taking part in a disposable glove recycling scheme to tackle waste from its science laboratories, changes are being made across the College to minimise its impact of the environment.

As part of the College’s journey, environmental awareness and sustainability are being embedded into the student experience through social action projects and class-based learning.


During a recent social action initiative, students from the College’s Supported Learning department utilised their technical skills to upcycle used crisp packets into survival sleeping blankets. Ingeniously designed, the blankets enabled the students to explore how materials can be repurposed for the benefit of others, and what can be done to redirect usable materials away from landfill.


Meanwhile, the College’s Carpentry and Brick students have been gaining valuable insights into the future of sustainable construction through a series of masterclasses by industry experts including, ‘Conker Construction’ and ‘Air Smart’. The knowledge and skills the students have developed through the masterclasses will help thrive in their careers as we move towards a green economy.

Elsewhere, The Canterbury School of Visual Arts at Canterbury College has been encouraging local residents to participate in its ‘Love Our World’ creative design competition. The competition invites the public to celebrate the little things that can be done every day to reduce harm to our planet, and improve the world we live in.

Shortlisted designs will be exhibited in June, with a selection available to buy as charity cards through Canterbury’s ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ store.

These activities and many more, mark a defining moment in the College’s history, and are helping to
equip a new generation of skilled individuals with the knowledge, awareness and abilities needed to help safeguard the future of our planet.

To learn more about Canterbury College’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, visit


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