14 Apr 2016

Be the face of a NEW campaign in Kent!

Could you be the face of Kent County Council’s new stop smoking campaign? We are looking for local people who have quit smoking in the past year to help us encourage more

29 Dec 2015

Weight Loss for Good

Christmas is, perhaps, the one time of the year when we can really let go and enjoy ourselves without feeling (too) guilty about what we’re eating or drinking. That’s why so many

29 Dec 2015

Wellbeing for Busy Schedules with Jessie Pavelka

How often do we use the excuse of lack of time for our lack of exercise? Shorter days and dark evenings tend to accentuate this dilemma and weeks can go by before

28 Dec 2015

Relaxed Performance of Snow White at the Marlowe Theatre, 5th January

FOLLOWING the success of its first relaxed performance earlier this year, The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, is holding another of these special shows.   The pantomime Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs will

15 Dec 2015

The ultimate Christmas gift for kids: Islabike

Before a few weeks ago, I thought a kids’ bike was just that… a kids’ bike. But I’ve since learned – thanks to my daughter and her new Cnoc 16 – that

14 Dec 2015

Best Wintry Walks in Kent Revealed by The National Trust

The National Trust has revealed some of the best places for wintry walks in Kent from Boxing Day onwards. Following the excitement of Christmas Day, it’s the perfect time to burn off

29 Oct 2015

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is something we do on a day-to-day basis without even realising it. When we bang our elbow on a doorframe; when we knock into the edge of a table and hurt

28 Oct 2015

De-Stress Yourself

We are stressed more than ever. Balancing work, social and home lives is making 54% of Brits increasingly anxious and stressed*. Chronic stress causes sleeping troubles, poor diet choices, low mood and health problems. We can’t eliminate

16 Oct 2015

Harley Street Fertility Expertise is Coming to Kent

The London Women’s Clinic is excited to be launching a new state of the art fertility clinic in the heart of historic Canterbury, providing care to patients throughout Kent in conjunction with

09 Oct 2015

Plan For The Unexpected With A Lasting Power Of Attorney

People of all ages are becoming increasingly prepared to face up to the possibility that in the future they could become unable to make decisions for themselves due to mental incapacity, whether

28 Sep 2015

On the edge of the wilderness: Reynolds Retreat

It’s time to discover a whole new level of health, fitness and wellbeing – welcome to the unforgettable experience that is Reynolds Retreat. by Samantha G Sometimes you have one of those

27 Aug 2015

Could you benefit from a juice cleanse?

These days, health is king – and the trend towards cleansing and detoxifying is growing fast. Despite our best intentions, busy lifestyles mean that bad nutritional choices make an all too frequent